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Should Yahoo! Settle Its Patent Dispute With Facebook Now?

Following the ouster of (now former) CEO Scott Thompson, pundits predictably called upon interim CEO Ross Levinsohn to put an end to the Facebook lawsuit.  Unfortunately, the facts likely dictate otherwise.  First, Yahoo completely miscalculated Facebook’s willingness and ability to fight.  (Seriously, Yahoo? You’ve been sued for patent infringement, what, about 100 times? And you … Continue reading

Adult Swim Declared In Facebook’s Patent Infringement Pool!

I have a lot of fond memories from childhood.  Well, I have memories from my childhood. Among them were those summer-time trips to the local swimming pool.  Growing up in a small, southern town, the pool was just about the only place one could stand being outdoors most of the time.  And I have fond … Continue reading

Pathetic Patent Piece At PaidContent

Over at PaidContent.org, an article went up yesterday about The Facebook Fight attempting to explain to us mere mortals How Yahoo Could Win, Lose Or Draw.  The article is chock full of useful, and completely made up, information including “odds” on the various outcomes. Granted, the author admits the posted odds are both speculative and … Continue reading

Why I’m Not Writing An Article About The Yahoo! v Facebook Patent Case Yet

In case you haven’t heard, Yahoo! sued Facebook for infringement of ten of its patents.  Electronic court records have yet to be updated, but Yahoo! helpfully provided a copy of the complaint to the media, which is embedded below.  The complaint describes Yahoo! as an innovator and originator of technologies commonly in use by social … Continue reading

How Much Is The Internet Worth? Another Eolas Post Mortem

It’s over (even though it isn’t).  Eolas lost.  Three more back-to-back trials over liability and damages will not take place.  Unfortunately, the defense lawyers did too good of a job during the validity phase, costing themselves hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars worth of billable time for the three additional back-to-back trials that, … Continue reading

Interval Licensing Defendants Fail To Identify Prior Art

Patents asserted against Google, AOL, Yahoo and several others were suggested to be “one of the most obvious things out there” according to certain pundits (evidently date stamped repositories of all technical knowledge).  On Wednesday we learned that, despite such protestations, proof of such obviousness was not as easily identified.  Having failed to identify satisfactory … Continue reading

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