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Patent Plays In Focus At Seeking Alpha: InterDigital, Nokia, Augme And Others

Some readers may already have noticed a recent series of articles posted to the investor-focused website Seeking Alpha focusing on companies that either currently, formerly, or prospectively will, derive most of their revenue from patent monetization.  (In fact, the first series of articles includes at least one of each.) These so-called “patent plays” form an … Continue reading

Well, That Didn’t Take Long

So, less than 24 hours after I wrote that “sometimes the day is not complete without a column … about how our patent system is malfunctioning and not performing its goal of ‘promoting innovation,’” we have this insipid entry from the Wall Street Journal and Andy Kessler.  The piece is a fairly predictable diatribe, but … Continue reading

The Patent System’s Intended Beneficiaries

It’s the invention, stupid! Your reward for bringing products to market are sales. The patent system ensures that you share your profits with those who invented the technologies exploited by your products. Of course technology takers would prefer to use knowledge produced by the labor of others without compensating the creators, but the patent system is in place to prevent exactly that. Continue reading

Nostradamus IP? As Predicted, Appropriations Chair Doesn’t Like Patent Reform

Back in March, I quietly predicted (in a comment on the IPBiz blog) that I “expect the House appropriations committee to kill the anti-fee diversion part of the bill.”  Today, the WSJ is reporting that Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers sent a letter to Lamar Smith opposing what he views as a “proposed shift of … Continue reading

Concerned About Competition, Feds Should Prefer Nortel Portfolio In The Hands Of ‘NPE’

The Federal Trade Commission, tasked with monitoring “anti-competitive” business practices has been taking a look at Intellectual Property lately, culminating in a 300 page report issued several months ago (see the report at Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog) with over 50 recommendations on how it would “improve” the patent system. The FTC’s involvement in IP, … Continue reading

Spending Spree In Place Post RPX IPO?

More news about the RPX IPO, as bidder identities continue to leak from the Nortel patent auction process. (Previous coverage of RPX IPO). RPX may be poised for a spending spree, as the Wall Street Journal has identified the patent aggregator as one of the bidders for the Nortel portfolio.  WSJ describes RPX: RPX is … Continue reading

A Smartphone Patent Thicket?

Josh Wright over at Truth on the Market discusses Professor Adam Mossoff’s recent paper on the 19th century’s Sewing Machine Patent Thicket.  I previously blogged about Professor Mossoff’s work here. Professor Wright’s post includes comments Mossoff provided recently to the Wall Street Journal, in which he noted that “despite the litigation, the smartphone market isn’t … Continue reading

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