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The Patent System’s Intended Beneficiaries

It’s the invention, stupid! Your reward for bringing products to market are sales. The patent system ensures that you share your profits with those who invented the technologies exploited by your products. Of course technology takers would prefer to use knowledge produced by the labor of others without compensating the creators, but the patent system is in place to prevent exactly that. Continue reading


German Patent Fund Acquires Substantial Portfolio From British Telecom

A German patent fund acquired 400 patent assets from publicly held BT Group PLC. The group is funded by the German investment fund Alpha Patentfronds 2, and strategic IP advisory services will be provided by IP Navigation Group (Europe). IPNav’ s American counterparts have been providing strategic advisory services to Walker Digital since earlier this year, generating $25 MM in its first 90 days in that role. It will be interesting to watch whether they are equally effective for the Germans. Continue reading

Walker Digital Patent Licensing Deals Confirmed – “Mystery” Suitor Looms

In a clever PR move, Walker Digital quietly announced last week that its re-invigorated licensing campaign has generated $25 MM in revenue over a 90 day period (in other words, since teaming up with strategic consultant IPNav).  Naturally, the announcement also mentioned that “[s]ettlement agreements prevent Walker Digital from disclosing specific parties.” The press release, … Continue reading

Intellectual Ventures Proves There Are No Mechanized Patent Owners

As reported by my colleagues at Patent Calls, Intellectual Ventures sued Hynix and Elpida (again) on July 11, along with 9 of their customers for allegedly infringing 5 (more) of its patents.  At issue are four patents previously owned by Cirrus Logic, which also was the previous owner of patents in IV’s first round of … Continue reading

Developing: Walker Digital May Have Struck A Deal With Apple

It appears that Walker Digital and Apple reached a possible patent licensing deal, as Walker voluntarily dismissed Apple from two of its lawsuits.

How Do The Nortel Patent Auction Numbers Measure Up? A Look At Comparable IP Monetization Efforts

A lot of numbers are being thrown around in reaction to the Nortel auction, but the one that seems to be the most interesting is $750,000 per patent.  Arriving at this number includes entertaining the belief that $4.5 Billion was spent to acquire 6000 assets.  However, as I previously observed, look at patents currently in … Continue reading

Walker Digital ‘Pokes’ Facebook (Again) – Two More Patent Lawsuits

Facebook might as well add an “Assert Patent” button to go alongside its “Like” and “Poke” features.  This week, Walker Digital filed two new lawsuits against the social networking giant, raising the total to five since November. Walker Digital has effectively now asked Facebook to license ten different patents, related to various kinds of technology … Continue reading

No Rest For Walker Digital – Patent Sales Announced On Heels Of Unprecedented Monetization Efforts

So, the student of war who is unversed in the art of war of varying his plans … will fail to make the best use of his men. — Sun Tzu According to a statement issued today, Walker Digital “commenced the first sales of certain portions of its patent portfolio as part of its patent … Continue reading

Ocean Tomo ‘Freedom To Operate’ Auction Helps Patent Owners Build Value

The business of patent licensing is startlingly counter-intuitive, and likely frustrating for new entrants to the market.  In essence, patent owners are in the business of licensing rights to use technology to operators that either want to, or are already practicing that technology in ways consistent with the rights defined in the patent. But patent … Continue reading

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