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Is Charles River Licensing British Telecom Patents To Fund German Investment Accounts?

Little more than one year ago, GametimeIP reported that a German investment fund acquired a substantial portfolio from British Telecom: According to a press release issued yesterday, the German patent fund Patentportfolio 2 S.a.r.l. acquired 400 patent assets from publicly held BT Group PLC. The group is funded by the German investment fund Alpha Patentfronds 2, and strategic … Continue reading

Google-IBM Patent Deal: Business As Usual?

Google’s been on an IP shopping spree lately, snatching up large swaths of patents at a time.  One of the more notable transactions is an apparent deal with IBM that was at least partially inked back in March, and continues to make headlines almost a year later.  (FOSS Patents blogger Florian Mueller indicated that the … Continue reading

Another Wolf Cry? Patent Reform Vote Imminent

After years of speculation and debate, this latest implementation of patent reform (H.R. 1249) could move quickly through the senate this week.  The best hope for those opposed to the bills dramatic changes would be an amendment allowing the USPTO to keep the fees it generates.  An end to the controversial “fee diversion” practice, a … Continue reading

The Inexact Science Of Patent Valuation

Last week, in response to news about Google acquiring a portfolio of mobile phone patents, I harshly criticized the move.  Others have been swift to point out that 1) the purchase price represents an extremely tiny fraction of Google revenues, and 2) the acquisition was primarily a defensive maneuver.  Both of these statements are likely … Continue reading

Two Minute Drill

A lot of stuff happening lately, but I am the only one who’s noticed that the PriorSmart litigation alerts have been dipping into the single digits lately? Is the winter weather keeping lawyers away from the office and out of the courtroom? IBM and Samsung sign a major cross-license deal.  Joff Wild asks if its … Continue reading

Bullying, Grown up (sort of) …

It’s been a month, so I can forgive everyone for forgetting already the name Tyler Clementi. … Still thinking? Take your time, I”ll wait… I mean, it’s not like the name’s connected to any kind of national scandal/outrage/outcry/story-of-the-century-of-the-week, so don’t feel bad. … Give up? OK. Tyler Clementi was the Rutgers student whose apparently homosexual … Continue reading

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