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Google Helps Patent Enforcement Companies With New ‘Infringement Finder’

In a rare move, given their previous disdain for intellectual property owners, Google released new enhancements to the free Google Patents search engine to help patent owners–along with lawyers, analysts and advisors–identify and investigate potential patent infringement.  To avoid potential backlash from a community of activists that have rallied around the search advertising giant, Google … Continue reading

Congress Mulls Changes To Patent Enforcement

Two bills currently pending in Congress, if passed, would ultimately impact patent enforcement far more than the lengthy America Invents Act signed into law last year.  First up is H.R. 3889 Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade, and Sales Act, introduced by California Republican (and inventor) Darrell Issa and aimed at curbing enforcement of design patents that … Continue reading

IPXI’s Market-based Platform For Exchanging Patent Rights On The Horizon

After several years in the making, IPXI seems poised to officially launch later this year with its first round of IP offerings.  During an interview with Gametime IP, IPXI Director Ian McClure exuded optimism and enthusiasm about the progress of the world’s first ever IP-rights exchange.  McClure noted that the firm is “gaining a lot … Continue reading

Q: Why Was MDB Capital Right, And M-CAM So Very, Very Wrong On AOL Patent Value?

A: Because computers are not capable of truly understanding patents. Period. Joff Wild over at the IAM Blog explained M-CAM’s $290 M prediction as the “absolute ceiling price” of the AOL patent sale quite succinctly (and politely) by noting that the computer analytics firm “seems to have got it horribly wrong.”  Meanwhile, MDB Capital’s Christopher Marlett prediction … Continue reading

Actually, “Promoting Innovation” And “Profiting Off The Backs Of Creators” Are Not The Same Thing

Patents are big news these days, and sometimes the day is not complete without a column from a tech magazine, or an op-ed by some corporate mouthpiece about how our patent system is malfunctioning and not performing its goal of “promoting innovation.”  As evidence of this supposed lack of innovation promotion, these inane articles nearly … Continue reading

A ‘Bike Lesson’ From Dickinson Wright Partner (And Righthaven CEO) Steve Gibson On IP Monetization

Steven Gibson is “a licensed attorney and a partner with Dickinson Wright PLLC,” or so claims the opening footnote in a recent document filed by Gibson with the Nevada District Court.  Yet by his own admission, this part-owner in a major law firm–dating back to 1878 and home to over 300 lawyers–is not able to: … Continue reading

General Patent Corp. v. Wi-LAN: To What Extent Can In-House Counsel Be Restrained from Working for Competitors?

Guest post by John Marsh, attorney with Hahn Loeser.  The following post originally appeared on John’s Blog, Trade Secret Litigator.  Law360 is reporting that General Patent Corporation (GPC) is appealing an opinion denying its request to enforce a non-compete against its former General Counsel who joined the legal department of a competitor and former suitor, … Continue reading

The Future Of Patent Licensing In Europe

For the time being, individual countries award patents as legal instruments, protecting property rights through enforcement of that country’s court system.  Efforts to unify the European patent system continue, but the viability of this plan remains uncertain.  In this vein, competition amongst the various patent system remains pertinent. Patents attract increasing investment amounts, and that … Continue reading

Austan Goolsbee — Right Problem, Wrong Solution

I don’t know Austan Goolsbee, but I like him, mostly because he seems to get what’s wrong with the current patent system.  Back in March, while I was busily writing about how patent office delays might be responsible for small business failures, Austan was busily shooting a White House White Board video about the same … Continue reading

The $600M Innovation Tax

The following is an open letter written by Dr. Jose Melendez, the founder and CEO of Patent Calls, Inc. He is also co-founder and CEO of Spectral MD, Inc., a company developing advanced imaging technologies to improve patient outcomes while lowering healthcare costs. Dr. Melendez holds a BS EE and MS EECS from the Massachusetts Institute … Continue reading

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