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All Inventions Are Equal, But Some Inventions Are More Equal Than Others

It took over 6 years and two presidents (10 and three, depending who you ask), but a major patent overhaul finally passed both houses of Congress, after a Senate vote of 89-9 on H.R. 1249, without amendment. Although watered down from the aggressive changes to damages and litigation procedure proposed a few years ago, the … Continue reading

Another Wolf Cry? Patent Reform Vote Imminent

After years of speculation and debate, this latest implementation of patent reform (H.R. 1249) could move quickly through the senate this week.  The best hope for those opposed to the bills dramatic changes would be an amendment allowing the USPTO to keep the fees it generates.  An end to the controversial “fee diversion” practice, a … Continue reading

Congress Resumes Making Asses Out Of Themselves Over Patent Reform, Having Done The Same Over ‘Debt Ceiling’

Senator Reid filed cloture on the motion to proceed to H.R.1249, the Patent Reform bill. The cloture vote will occur on Tuesday, September 6th after 5:30pm. Cloture will cut off debate and bring Patent Reform to a final vote.

Can The House Do Patent Reform The Right Way?

UPDATED – SEE BELOW Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard that the Senate overwhelmingly approved S. 23, the Patent Reform America Invents Act. If the jingle is running through your head, you obviously know that it’s now up to the House of Representatives to determine whether it also approves of the legislation.  Fortunately … Continue reading

Patent Office Delay Contributing To Small Business Failures?

If you’ve paid even marginal attention to the Senate’s patent reform debates (which may come to an end this week), you’ve no doubt heard the patent office “delay” statistics repeated time and again. In particular, the Senators have been repeating that a 3 year total pendency, and 2 year time before an initial response are … Continue reading

Could Patent Reform Bring Regional Offices To A City Near You?

Yesterday the Senate introduced S.23, the Patent Reform Act of 2011 to the Senate floor, but it has yet to be put to a vote, as Senators instead proposed various amendments. Among the amendments that actually have something to do with patents were two offered by Colorado Senator Michael Bennett. The first deals with

Patent Reform Vote Today! Everything You Need To Know

UPDATED: MORE LINKS (BELOW) The Senate will reconvene today at 2:00 PM ET, and the Patent Reform Act of 2011 is supposedly on the schedule. It’s no real secret that I’m generally opposed to the bill.  The various provisions of the bill are largely either pointless at best (damages reform that merely codifies existing law) … Continue reading

How Dumb Does The Patent Office Think We Are? Just End Fee Diversion Now!

If Congress gets one thing right this year, let it be Sen. Tom Coburn’s proposed amendment to S.23 to put an end to fee diversion–the practice of diverting patent examination fees into the government’s general fund.  In fact, the fee diversion provisions should probably be the only part of the reform bill to pass, at … Continue reading

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