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Improving The Patent Enforcement Process?

On September 27, 2011, Chief Judge Randall Rader spoke to a group of, primarily, lawyers and judges attending a combined meeting of the Federal Circuit Bar Association and the Eastern District of Texas Bar Association to share his visions on improving the patent system. Professor Dennis Crouch’s article on the subject includes a link to … Continue reading

Patent Plaintiffs Should Meet High Expectations In Eastern District Of Texas

Earlier this week, I was sharply criticized for suggesting that patent owner’s attorneys: tak[e]a calculated business risk in bringing a suit on contingency, and a patent owner typically has to convince the firm that the patent represents a good investment. Every lawyer worth his or her salt will assume that any given case will proceed … Continue reading

Warrior Wounded, But The Fight Rages On

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga that is Warrior Sports v Dickinson Wright was written this week, as the Court of Appeals sent the case back down to the Eastern District of Michigan. As if the legal issues in this case weren’t fascinating enough, the entire circumstance is worth reporting as it takes its … Continue reading

Eastern District Of Texas – Leveling The Playing Field

If you read about, get involved in, or otherwise pay attention to patent litigation, then you’ve heard of Marshall, Texas.  For instance, Marshall is on the radar screen of judges in Washington, DC, as evidenced by the recent decision in In re Microsoft (one of several in the past couple of years) forcing the District … Continue reading

Breaking News – Transfer Motion Granted In ED Tex False Marking Case

Via Michael Smith’s EDTex Blog: Motions to transfer filed by the defendant in the one of the three in which it was filed (a single-defendant case) was granted from the bench (as I write this, patent lawyers are literally scattering across the Marshall square in search of computers, typewriters, and even Putt-Putt penciles to file … Continue reading

Wi-Lan Case Moving From California To East Texas

Venue momentum of patent litigation has generally kept cases moving away from the Eastern District of Texas, but according to this order Wi-Lan convinced Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California to send the case Aliphcom’s case over to Texas.

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