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Congress Mulls Changes To Patent Enforcement

Two bills currently pending in Congress, if passed, would ultimately impact patent enforcement far more than the lengthy America Invents Act signed into law last year.  First up is H.R. 3889 Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade, and Sales Act, introduced by California Republican (and inventor) Darrell Issa and aimed at curbing enforcement of design patents that … Continue reading

Austan Goolsbee — Right Problem, Wrong Solution

I don’t know Austan Goolsbee, but I like him, mostly because he seems to get what’s wrong with the current patent system.  Back in March, while I was busily writing about how patent office delays might be responsible for small business failures, Austan was busily shooting a White House White Board video about the same … Continue reading

The $600M Innovation Tax

The following is an open letter written by Dr. Jose Melendez, the founder and CEO of Patent Calls, Inc. He is also co-founder and CEO of Spectral MD, Inc., a company developing advanced imaging technologies to improve patient outcomes while lowering healthcare costs. Dr. Melendez holds a BS EE and MS EECS from the Massachusetts Institute … Continue reading

Opportunity To Educate Congress About Patent Reform

If you’re interested in Congress making an informed decision about the upcoming patent reform vote (H.R. 1249), encourage your Senate staffers to attended today’s briefing sponsored by the U.S. Business & Industry Council.    The speaker’s lineup includes views from a retired Federal judge, Angel investor, head of a venture capital firm and a constitutional law … Continue reading

Famous Last Words: US Patent Reform (Far From) A Reality

Call it the blogger’s jinx. Like clockwork, Joff Wild at IAM writes: US patent reform may finally be about to become reality, suddenly, the entire bill starts to unravel. First, the US Supreme Court gives ammunition to reform opponents by repeatedly reiterating the primacy of the inventor. While the USBIC’s statement was harshly criticized by … Continue reading

Another Reason To Oppose Patent Reform

Virtually every major stakeholder is saying the bill is fine. — David Simon, Intel (quoted in a Dow Jones article about patent reform) (emphasis mine). Both S.23 and H.R.1249 give large companies incentive to flood the patent office with thousands of provisional applications based on employee submissions, effectively blocking independent inventors that lack the resources … Continue reading

A Radical Alternative Patent Reform Proposal: Eliminating The Non-Obvious Requirement

Congress is debating patent reform once again, with the House Judiciary committee hearing testimony from USPTO Commissioner David Kappos and other witnesses today about first-to-file and prior user rights.  The most significant problem, as has been repeated time and again, is the backlog of 1.2 million applications currently pending, and 700,000 applications that have yet … Continue reading

Worried About Infringing A “Tax Strategy” Patent? Humble Yourself And It May All Go Away

Greg Aharonian refers to the Patent Reform Act of 2011‘s attempt to ban tax patents as a “folly” on equitable and “due process” grounds. While these may be compelling arguments in themselves, the simple fact is that the way the Senate has decided to attack tax patents is colossally stupid (and really demonstrates a complete … Continue reading

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