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Google Helps Patent Enforcement Companies With New ‘Infringement Finder’

In a rare move, given their previous disdain for intellectual property owners, Google released new enhancements to the free Google Patents search engine to help patent owners–along with lawyers, analysts and advisors–identify and investigate potential patent infringement.  To avoid potential backlash from a community of activists that have rallied around the search advertising giant, Google … Continue reading

AkzoNobel And Intellectual Ventures Collaborate On R&D

From a press release circulated by Intellectual Ventures yesterday: Akzo Nobel N.V. (AkzoNobel) and Intellectual Ventures (IV®) announced today that they have entered into a joint collaboration agreement to develop new technologies for the paint and coatings industry. The collaboration provides AkzoNobel with access to technologies from IV’s portfolio of chemistry and materials science inventions. … Continue reading

Actually, “Promoting Innovation” And “Profiting Off The Backs Of Creators” Are Not The Same Thing

Patents are big news these days, and sometimes the day is not complete without a column from a tech magazine, or an op-ed by some corporate mouthpiece about how our patent system is malfunctioning and not performing its goal of “promoting innovation.”  As evidence of this supposed lack of innovation promotion, these inane articles nearly … Continue reading

Glimpse Of America’s Future From Across The Pond – Are UK ‘SME’ Patents Worth More As Heating Fuel?

An interesting story today from The Telegraph introduces inventor and small business owner Michael Wilcox.  After spending £150,000 to develop his printing technology, Wilcox burned his patent in protest, expressing his frustration over failed attempts to negotiate license agreements with larger companies in the industry.  Wilcox told the paper that, because companies no longer feared … Continue reading

Patent Owners ‘Fleeing’ RPX Acquisition Model

As I’ve predicted before, patent owners are reportedly “fleeing” RPX in favor of ICAP’s new Covenant Not to Sue (“CNS”) program. RPX may not be dead quite yet, but ICAP has their shovels out, ready to lend a hand digging RPX’s grave. Not even with a free 100-roll pack of toilet paper thrown in does the RPX “wholesale club” pricing model present value to most patent owners, and their main claim to value-add–aggregation–is absolutely prohibited under ICAP’s bidding rules. Continue reading

Recognizing Buyers And Sellers In The Technology Market

Patenting isn’t a numbers game, unless that number is a date. Companies late to the party often get stuck with the check. An examination of the Apple/Nokia outcome was entirely predictable since Nokia’s contributions to key, underlying technologies far pre-dated Apple’s. Continue reading

Patent Office To Act On Older Applications This Year

Patent office delays are getting ridiculous. As I’ve previously reported, the 35 month total pendency is misleading, but the 24+ month delay to until first action is disastrous.  Today, the an Examiner’s blog brought some good news to inventors that have been kept waiting: Let’s start with the bottom line: The Office wants all applications … Continue reading

Edison Nation Wants YOU(r Patent)

Louis Foreman, co-founder of Edison Nation, recently announced the availability of $25 M in capital to invest in finding and bringing innovations to market.  While this is an interesting idea, I explored the program a little deeper to see what kind of deal inventors are getting.  The incentives created by the revenue sharing in the … Continue reading

Innovation Is Either Bought Or Stolen

The patent system is under attack on several fronts, whether from large corporations lobbying to overturn 250 years of precedent, collectivists seeking to impose their IP values on us all, or members of the media intent on smearing the reputation of IP owners.  Of course, while the patent system serves inventors by securing exclusive rights, … Continue reading

New Patent Reform Counterattack – Don’t Be Like The French

Generalizing (perhaps a bit), but as Americans, I have learned that we don’t like the French.  We found out in the last decade that our lawmakers don’t like the French a whole lot either, so if you oppose the Patent Reform Act of 2011, send your congressman (or woman) a case of freedom fries and … Continue reading

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