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Is Charles River Licensing British Telecom Patents To Fund German Investment Accounts?

Little more than one year ago, GametimeIP reported that a German investment fund acquired a substantial portfolio from British Telecom: According to a press release issued yesterday, the German patent fund Patentportfolio 2 S.a.r.l. acquired 400 patent assets from publicly held BT Group PLC. The group is funded by the German investment fund Alpha Patentfronds 2, and strategic … Continue reading

How Startups Should Plan For Patent Enforcement Costs

A few days ago, as covered on GametimeIP, a UK inventor Michael Wilcox burned his patent in protest over the failure of the patent system to provide realistic protection from appropriation of his invention by others.  While the inventor’s lament is a common one, the falsehood of the so-called “exclusive right” is so well known … Continue reading

Patent Scholars Debate, But It Is What It Is

Back in September, Professor Mark Lemley began promoting his latest piece of scholarly work, entitled The Myth of the Sole Inventor.  Lemley set out to discover the truth about a theory of patents he apparently considers relatively fundamental. His piece begins: The theory of patent law is based on the idea that a lone genius … Continue reading

Inventor Of Patented CGI Technique Runs To Court After A Walt Disney Runaround

Joe Alter invented an improved technique for computer generated animation back in 2000, and was awarded US Patent 6,720,962 in 2004. According to Alter’s patent, his invention allows for “creation of a highly stable coordinate system involving guide columns in which Cartesian physical simulations may be carried out and rendered as well as deformed and … Continue reading

Patent Reform Markup Session Delayed

Reported this morning from Politico’s Huddle: The House Rules Committee postponed a planned Tuesday afternoon markup of legislation that would rewrite patent law because of an unresolved dispute over whether to give the Patent and Trademark Office full control over the money that it raises through fees or continue to require an annual congressional appropriation … Continue reading

Inventor’s Rights Addressed In Bayh-Dole Dispute

Today, in deciding the patent ownership dispute between Stanford University and Roche, Chief Justice Roberts opened the Court’s opinion with the following statement: “Since 1790, patent law has operated on the premise that rights in an invention belong to the inventor.”  The America Invents Act would greatly diminish that premise.

Gary Shapiro Shilling A Massive Load Of Patent Tripe

Gary Shapiro, blogging over at Forbes.com, appears to have swallowed a load of patent tripe that he now wants the rest of us to swallow, but he’s got a lot to learn about patents. If you’ve accidentally swallowed some of Gary’s tripe, consider this post your heartburn medication. From his article on reforming the patent … Continue reading

Congressman Proposes Sensible, Two-Step Patent Reform Process

Earlier today I reprinted a statement from Maine Congressman Michaud voicing his opposition to the proposed patent reform bill (pdf). The most salient point from Michaud: Patent reform should focus on addressing the Patent and Trademark Office’s backlog, first, and do no harm, second. By far, the least controversial aspect of patent reform are the … Continue reading

Diverse Group Of Patent Stakeholders Urge Congress Not To Devalue Valid Patents

I’ve received a letter that was sent on behalf of “innovators, patent holders, patent users, venture capitalists, small businesses, universities, and associations representing literally thousands of entities who care deeply about keeping America the most innovative economy in the world” and addressed to the Chair and Ranking Member of the House Judiciary committee, presumably in … Continue reading

Software Patent “Rant” Misses The Point

Another day, another uniformed rant about the evils of “software patents.”  The author quickly demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the nature of NPE patent litigation: On one hand, an NPE does not need much money to bankroll (or at least initiate) a patent infringement suit — in fact, there are law firms who will take … Continue reading

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