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RPX IPO Wednesday; Own A Piece Of Patent Monetization For $16

This Wednesday, patent aggregator RPX will begin trading on NASDAQ this Wednesday.  Seeking Alpha is reporting that the stock will be priced sometime this evening, but the company’s proposed price values the business at more than $850+ Million.  As IAM Magazine Editor Joff Wild notes, this is a huge number compared to the revenue numbers … Continue reading

Patent Licensing Firm Acacia Offers Public Equity

From the IAM Blog over the weekend: Acacia Research has announced it is to make five million of its shares available in a public offering designed to raise cash “for its operations and for other general corporate purposes, including, but not limited to, working capital, strategic acquisitions and other transactions”. The move comes as its market … Continue reading

IV Patent Reform Lobbying Lawsuit – Headaches For Its Enforcement Efforts?

Since posting yesterday about Pat Choate‘s lawsuit against Intellectual Ventures, I’ve been hit with a number of calls and emails with questions, the answers to which are largely, “I don’t know.” Very little information (as far as I can tell, no information) has become public beyond the complaint filed earlier this week. That said, the … Continue reading

RPX IPO: Patent Aggregation, Terrorists and Goldilocks

As patent aggregator RPX prepares to go public, despite suspicious financial disclosures, analyzing the RPX business model for sustainability becomes paramount for any investor. Unfortunately, RPX’s sustainability plans also spell disaster for its clients, create disincentives for RPX to actually help its clients, and result in a “Goldilocks” problem that may

Is Patent Aggregation A Good Investment For The Shareholder? Analyzing the RPX IPO

Continuing in my series of articles about the RPX IPO, I finally had some time to take a look at the audited financials, attached to the S-1. I was curious how a company that spent $250 Million to acquire patent assets while taking in just under $100 Million in subscription fees could be described as … Continue reading

Spending Spree In Place Post RPX IPO?

More news about the RPX IPO, as bidder identities continue to leak from the Nortel patent auction process. (Previous coverage of RPX IPO). RPX may be poised for a spending spree, as the Wall Street Journal has identified the patent aggregator as one of the bidders for the Nortel portfolio.  WSJ describes RPX: RPX is … Continue reading

Free Rides, Acquisitions And Sustainability After The RPX IPO

Monday’s post about the RPX IPO attracted some great comments from Kyle Jensen (of PriorSmart) and Ron Riley (of Professional Inventors Alliance) with thoughts on the sustainability of the patent aggregation business model, and RPX’s problem with potential “free riders” (see post: Why Is RPX Going Public? Ask Willie Sutton).  Fundamentally, the vesting nature of … Continue reading

Why Is RPX Going Public? Ask Willie Sutton

Last week, we learned that RPX Corporation (which stands for “Rational Patent Exchange) will soon have an IPO, offering up to $100 M worth of stock to the public. A lot has been written by bloggers and journalists, referring to RPX as  Defensive Patent Acquirer, Defensive Aggregator, and Patent Risk Manager.  Others explain that RPX … Continue reading

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