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Do NPE’s “Cost” Us $29 B? Intellectual Ventures Co-Founder Peter Detkin Sets The Record Straight

The BBC ran another article in a tired meme about evil patent owners supposedly “costing” billions per year.  Of course, the article doesn’t specify who supposedly bore this $29 B “cost” or how it was calculated, but instead cites a Boston University paper by Professors James Bessen and Michael Meurer.   According to the BBC article, … Continue reading

(Patent) Party Like A Rockstar

Operating under the name Rockstar Bidco, a consortium of tech companies including significant financing from Microsoft, Apple and Research In Motion, outbid then patent-deficient Google for the LTE-essential rich patent trove auctioned away by the now bankrupt Nortel’s creditors.  While the creditors made off with $4.5 billion, Rockstar staffed up with former Nortel patent attorneys … Continue reading

Digitude Patent Monetization Effort Bombs – RPX Picks Up The Carcass

RPX announced “its largest syndicated transaction to date with the participation of more than 10 RPX clients.”  According to the release, “RPX will invest approximately $46 million of its own capital in the transaction” resulting in the transfer of 500 patents and “sub-license rights” currently owned by Digitude and Digitude subsidiary Preservation Technologies, companies originally … Continue reading

Another Interesting Use Of The IP Auction Marketplace

ICAP announced an offer a Covenant Not to Sue (CNS) from MOSAID Technologies during a sealed-bid auction on September 27, 2011. The CNS covers U.S. patents 5,650,770, 6,198,390, 6,518,889 and 5,963,130, described as “essential to all cellular telephones which implement the Federal Communications Commission’s E-911 emergency call standard.” The patents have been on an interesting … Continue reading

Nortel Auction Update — Microsoft Says, ‘Hey Google! How Do You Like These Apples?’

First of all, don’t weep for the Google-lemming as it plunges into the Nortel patent canyon … the $25 M break-up fee should cushion its fall. By now you may have heard that mystery bidder Rockstar Bidco emerged victorious from the Nortel auction, acquiring the full kit & caboodle for a mere $4.5 Billion (with … Continue reading

The Nonobviousness Doctrine As An Innovation Tax

As the great patent reform debate rages, all participants basically agree that the patent office moves too slowly, is underfunded, and reform is needed.  That’s pretty much where the agreement ends.  Supporters of current reform efforts believe that awarding patents to the first person to invent is too unpredictable.  Groups that opposing the current reforms … Continue reading

When Is A Billion Dollar Patent Not Worth A Billion Dollars?

After several months, still no deal reached in the Nortel patent auction, which reported a flurry of activity back in September of last year.  This comes despite the fact that the portfolio was reportedly worth $1 Billion.  Now bidding has stalled, according to Joff Wild at IAM Magazine, and there might be an auction in … Continue reading

Spending Spree In Place Post RPX IPO?

More news about the RPX IPO, as bidder identities continue to leak from the Nortel patent auction process. (Previous coverage of RPX IPO). RPX may be poised for a spending spree, as the Wall Street Journal has identified the patent aggregator as one of the bidders for the Nortel portfolio.  WSJ describes RPX: RPX is … Continue reading

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