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Intellectual Ventures Proves There Are No Mechanized Patent Owners

As reported by my colleagues at Patent Calls, Intellectual Ventures sued Hynix and Elpida (again) on July 11, along with 9 of their customers for allegedly infringing 5 (more) of its patents.  At issue are four patents previously owned by Cirrus Logic, which also was the previous owner of patents in IV’s first round of … Continue reading

Has Jay Walker Rendered Intellectual Ventures Irrelevant?

In a new age of large-scale patent assertion, Walker Digital may have outdone all earlier comers, including Intellectual Ventures, and the inexplicably notable Interval Licensing. PaidContent.org staff reporter Joe Mullin asks: Is Jay Walker jealous of Paul Allen? Allen got a lot of press when he sued 11 big internet companies last year, essentially saying … Continue reading

Interval Licensing Defendants Fail To Identify Prior Art

Patents asserted against Google, AOL, Yahoo and several others were suggested to be “one of the most obvious things out there” according to certain pundits (evidently date stamped repositories of all technical knowledge).  On Wednesday we learned that, despite such protestations, proof of such obviousness was not as easily identified.  Having failed to identify satisfactory … Continue reading

Patented Group Discounts Are Only Logical

The good men and women of Vulcan are but one part of a significant enterprise devoted to bringing various innovations to light, including apparently misunderstood stuff like specific processes for collaborating interests to provide contextually relevant information. Unfortunately, it’s become all too clear that the current mechanisms for licensing inventions is horrifically inefficient.  Couple that … Continue reading

Don’t Fear The Licensor — Infringement Validates Importance Of Patented Technology

Has one of Paul Allen’s former researchers defected?  Mike Masnick over at Techdirt directs us to comments from co-inventor Michael Naimark (of USP 6757682), claiming that he is “expressing concern about how much money is focused on litigation instead of innovation.” But what he is really saying might be more supportive of Paul Allen and … Continue reading

Paul Allen’s Amended Patent Lawsuit – A Lesson In How To Read Claims

Paul Allen’s lawsuit against Google and other search, advertising and e-commerce companies is attracting a lot of attention, including explanations from folks like me about how the lawsuit demonstrates one way to profit from privately funded research, to how the lawsuit demonstrates horrific inefficiencies in patent licensing mechanisms, contributing to valuation of even economically simple … Continue reading

Patent Sausage Epilogue

In the spirit of my earlier post about the fight between Google and Interval, I came across an interesting quote from Judge Leonard Davis.  After agreeing, just like the Judge Pechman in the Interval case, that the complaint failed to satisfy the technical requirements of the federal rules, Judge Davis couldn’t help but offer the … Continue reading

An Examination Of Patent Sausage-Making

As I’ve discussed on this blog, and elsewhere, the Interval Licensing case against Google and several other search, advertising and e-commerce companies makes for a fascinating study on many levels.  In particular, the actions of lawyers on both sides of this case speak volumes about how your IP rights are treated during litigation.  Consider, for … Continue reading

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