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Patent Scholars Challenge Bessen & Meurer’s Bogus $29 B NPE Costs Figure

In a paper published on July 25, 2012 (available from SSRN), Chicago-area scholars David Schwartz and Jay Kesan challenge a study by Boston University professors James Bessen and Michael Meurer, which claimed that patent litigation generated by so-called “non-practicing entities” imposes direct costs of $29 B.  Intellectual Ventures’ Peter Detkin and Patentology’s Mark Summerfield already … Continue reading

Do NPE’s “Cost” Us $29 B? Intellectual Ventures Co-Founder Peter Detkin Sets The Record Straight

The BBC ran another article in a tired meme about evil patent owners supposedly “costing” billions per year.  Of course, the article doesn’t specify who supposedly bore this $29 B “cost” or how it was calculated, but instead cites a Boston University paper by Professors James Bessen and Michael Meurer.   According to the BBC article, … Continue reading

IP Monetization For Me, But Not For Thee

A recent Reason (sic) blog belittles the patent acquisition and subsequent licensing effort of Rockstar Consortium.  As documented here, Rockstar’s now highly public licensing program marks the beginning of an inevitable recovery and monetization phase, easily predicted following a $4.5 B patent acquisition.  While followers of the IP transactional marketplace recognize Rockstar as simply another … Continue reading

Epilogue: Intellectual Ventures’ New Deal With Cypress Semiconductor

Earlier this week, reports of Intellectual Ventures recent license agreement with Cypress Semiconductor surfaced.  Cypress requested confidential treatment in an SEC filing disclosing that the semiconductor maker “agreed to pay a license fee and to purchase certain litigation defense services from IV in the future.”  The filing mentions a related agreement in which “IV is … Continue reading

Mark Cuban Backs Patent Owner Innovate/Protect In Lawsuit With Google

Every technology company I have is getting hit by patent lawsuits that are the biggest bunch of bullshit ever. … I’m talking about companies that have been doing business the same way for years that are getting hit by patent trolls . These aren’t operating companies that are trying to protect their business. These are … Continue reading

Major Law Firm Caught Patent Trolling

Got your attention?  During the 2006 oral argument in eBay v Mercexchange, Justice Kennedy famously asked about patent trolls: Is the troll the scary thing under the bridge, or is it a fishing technique? eBay’s lawyer claimed that it was the “scary thing under the bridge,” but if you were ever curious about what patent … Continue reading

Gary Shapiro Shilling A Massive Load Of Patent Tripe

Gary Shapiro, blogging over at Forbes.com, appears to have swallowed a load of patent tripe that he now wants the rest of us to swallow, but he’s got a lot to learn about patents. If you’ve accidentally swallowed some of Gary’s tripe, consider this post your heartburn medication. From his article on reforming the patent … Continue reading

Digitude’s New Patent Monetization Plan – Friend Or Foe To Inventors?

From a press release issued this week, Digitude Innovations (a company funded with a $50 M investment from Altitude Capital Partners) is announcing a “new patent monetization model.”  Billing this as exciting news for inventors and small companies, the press release stated: Digitude will acquire, aggregate, and license key technology areas within the consumer electronics … Continue reading

Is Patent Aggregation A Good Investment For The Shareholder? Analyzing the RPX IPO

Continuing in my series of articles about the RPX IPO, I finally had some time to take a look at the audited financials, attached to the S-1. I was curious how a company that spent $250 Million to acquire patent assets while taking in just under $100 Million in subscription fees could be described as … Continue reading

Why Is RPX Going Public? Ask Willie Sutton

Last week, we learned that RPX Corporation (which stands for “Rational Patent Exchange) will soon have an IPO, offering up to $100 M worth of stock to the public. A lot has been written by bloggers and journalists, referring to RPX as  Defensive Patent Acquirer, Defensive Aggregator, and Patent Risk Manager.  Others explain that RPX … Continue reading

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