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Patent Office Deputy Director Rea Lays Out Administrative Initiatives

On Mackinac Island, MI, Deputy Director Teresa Stanek Rea spoke candidly about changes to the USPTO under the leadership Director David Kappos, including patent reform, administrative procedure, the backlog, and harmonization efforts, among other issues. Notably, a 15% fee hike is on the table if patent reform ends up passing. Continue reading


O’Reilly Radar Desperately In Need Of Patent WD-40

Over at the O’Reilly Radar blog, writer Andy Oram asks “Should the patent office open its internal guidelines to the public?” The question in Oram’s blog title is the last thing that needs to be addressed, however.  The first thing that needs to be addressed is the following paragraph: As a simple example of the … Continue reading

Practical Implications Of Supreme Court’s Role In Patent Policy

Microsoft has asked the Supreme Court to overturn a long-standing rule that requires patent challengers to demonstrate invalidity of a patent by “clear and convincing” evidence (as opposed to the more common civil standard of “more likely than not”).  I’ve mentioned before that this case could have a significant impact on patent value across the … Continue reading

A Radical Alternative Patent Reform Proposal: Eliminating The Non-Obvious Requirement

Congress is debating patent reform once again, with the House Judiciary committee hearing testimony from USPTO Commissioner David Kappos and other witnesses today about first-to-file and prior user rights.  The most significant problem, as has been repeated time and again, is the backlog of 1.2 million applications currently pending, and 700,000 applications that have yet … Continue reading

Patent Office To Act On Older Applications This Year

Patent office delays are getting ridiculous. As I’ve previously reported, the 35 month total pendency is misleading, but the 24+ month delay to until first action is disastrous.  Today, the an Examiner’s blog brought some good news to inventors that have been kept waiting: Let’s start with the bottom line: The Office wants all applications … Continue reading

Intelligence Is (Not) A Requirement – “Good” vs “Bad” Patent Prosecution

Over at my friend Mark’s TacticalIP blog, I recently commented that every patent application is deserving of at least an informal phone call with the Examiner, if not an interview.  I can’t tell you how many patent file histories I’ve read over the years that went through multiple RCE’s (translation for patent owners: spending your … Continue reading

Cry, Cry Again?

Other than Perfect Web Technologies, no one is going to cry over the invalidation of patent no. 6,631,400.  The ‘400 Patent claims: 1. A method for managing bulk e-mail distribution comprising the steps: (A) matching a target recipient profile with a group of target recipients; (B) transmitting a set of bulk e-mails to said target … Continue reading

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