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Leave Patent Licensing To The Professionals

Another chapter in the ongoing Eon-Net saga closed last month with the CAFC, in a rare move, upholding the sanctions issued against the patent owner. We’ll have to wait and see if this has finally come to a close, since the panel’s decision potentially users in some unintended consequences. In the meantime, the court regales us with entertaining war-stories about lawyers outsmarting themselves, revealing too much of their client’s good graces, and blindly following the client over a cliff. Continue reading


Finding A Patent Attorney Takes Time, But How Much Will You Have?

From an interview with a Dallas-based attorney: “If somebody comes to you with an invention they’re excited about, if you care about your craft, you’re going to be excited about it,” Munck said. “They’re bringing you what they consider their baby, and you should want to see it the same way. That’s our job.” Finding … Continue reading

Don’t File A Patent: Second Edition

Why would a patent analyst recommend a book advising against filing patent applications? Well, I would be lying if I said I agreed with John Smith’s advice lock, stock and barrel.  That said, there are important, fundamental truths behind his story the demonstrate the importance of counseling inventors on realistic expectations of the costs and … Continue reading

Patent Office Delay Contributing To Small Business Failures?

If you’ve paid even marginal attention to the Senate’s patent reform debates (which may come to an end this week), you’ve no doubt heard the patent office “delay” statistics repeated time and again. In particular, the Senators have been repeating that a 3 year total pendency, and 2 year time before an initial response are … Continue reading

Global-Tech Appliances, SEB Argue Inducing Patent Infringement At Supreme Court

As previously reported, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in Global-Tech Appliances, Inc. v. SEB, involving whether Pentalpha Enterprises induced infringement of SEB’s patent (4,995,312). The CAFC affirmed a verdict holding Pentalpha liable because it agreed the facts supported a showing that Pentalpha deliberately ignored the risk that its deep fryer infringed SEB’s … Continue reading

Patent Reformers Favor Corporate Interests Over Inventor’s Rights

There’s one revision tucked away in S.23 (the Patent Reform Act of 2011) that almost no one is talking about: changes to the procedure for filing without the Inventor’s oath and declaration.  In the US, unlike much of the world, patents are applied for by inventors, not corporations. Sure, the rights to a patent application, … Continue reading

TI:GERs and Yellow Jackets: Innovation At Georgia Tech

Recently I came across a program at my alma mater called TI:GER (Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results). It was apparently created in 2002, which is well after I stopped looking for work as an engineer, instead cutting my teeth as a baby paralegal. According to their brochure, they place students into teams consisting of PhD, … Continue reading

Don’t File A Patent: A Reprise–Who Needs It?

So, awhile back I promised an update to my post about John Smith (who, incidentally, called me to confirm that John Smith is, in fact, his real name).  Good to meet you John. John runs the website Don’t File A Patent, and has published a book of the same name. I got my hands on … Continue reading

Patent Connections: A Patent Does Not Protect Your Products

I’ve taken to becoming quite frustrated lately with the propagation of the falsity that filing patents can protect your products. Either this statement is incredibly misleading, or patent attorneys have a different interpretation of “protection” than the rest of us. (Actually, there is a third possibility that we’ll get to later)  After all, if this … Continue reading

IP Strategists, Huh? What Are They Good For? Useful Tips To Avoid Fattening Up Your Patent Counsel

Over at Jane Lambert’s NIPC Law blog, a recent post about IP strategists quotes from Jackie Hutter’s earlier post about what it means to be an IP strategist: An IP Strategist does not advise you to spend your money on obtaining IP because you can, but because you need to. Lambert explains that strategists are … Continue reading

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