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Is Charles River Licensing British Telecom Patents To Fund German Investment Accounts?

Little more than one year ago, GametimeIP reported that a German investment fund acquired a substantial portfolio from British Telecom: According to a press release issued yesterday, the German patent fund Patentportfolio 2 S.a.r.l. acquired 400 patent assets from publicly held BT Group PLC. The group is funded by the German investment fund Alpha Patentfronds 2, and strategic … Continue reading

Is A Lawfirm Using ICAP’s Patent Auction To Recover On Unpaid Prosecution Work?

ICAP lists The Stapleton Group as seller of three of the 52 lots currently listed for public auction. Lot numbers AUC050, 051 and 052 all feature patents sharing a common inventor, Lawrence Kates and many were prosecuted by the firm Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP.  A quick check of USPTO Assignment records reveals that … Continue reading

The Nonobviousness Doctrine As An Innovation Tax

As the great patent reform debate rages, all participants basically agree that the patent office moves too slowly, is underfunded, and reform is needed.  That’s pretty much where the agreement ends.  Supporters of current reform efforts believe that awarding patents to the first person to invent is too unpredictable.  Groups that opposing the current reforms … Continue reading

Patent Reform Boosters Invent Facts To Combat Real Arguments

Ideologically speaking, I can’t support something when that thing’s supporters resort to lies and misdirection to “prove” why I should support it.  So, just add this to the list of reasons why I oppose patent reform: Determined to battle what he calls “misinformation and distorted commentary” about first-to-invent, Kappos and his team turned to the … Continue reading

Diverse Group Of Patent Stakeholders Urge Congress Not To Devalue Valid Patents

I’ve received a letter that was sent on behalf of “innovators, patent holders, patent users, venture capitalists, small businesses, universities, and associations representing literally thousands of entities who care deeply about keeping America the most innovative economy in the world” and addressed to the Chair and Ranking Member of the House Judiciary committee, presumably in … Continue reading

Patent Office To Act On Older Applications This Year

Patent office delays are getting ridiculous. As I’ve previously reported, the 35 month total pendency is misleading, but the 24+ month delay to until first action is disastrous.  Today, the an Examiner’s blog brought some good news to inventors that have been kept waiting: Let’s start with the bottom line: The Office wants all applications … Continue reading

Finding A Patent Attorney Takes Time, But How Much Will You Have?

From an interview with a Dallas-based attorney: “If somebody comes to you with an invention they’re excited about, if you care about your craft, you’re going to be excited about it,” Munck said. “They’re bringing you what they consider their baby, and you should want to see it the same way. That’s our job.” Finding … Continue reading

Don’t File A Patent: Second Edition

Why would a patent analyst recommend a book advising against filing patent applications? Well, I would be lying if I said I agreed with John Smith’s advice lock, stock and barrel.  That said, there are important, fundamental truths behind his story the demonstrate the importance of counseling inventors on realistic expectations of the costs and … Continue reading

Patent Office Delay Contributing To Small Business Failures?

If you’ve paid even marginal attention to the Senate’s patent reform debates (which may come to an end this week), you’ve no doubt heard the patent office “delay” statistics repeated time and again. In particular, the Senators have been repeating that a 3 year total pendency, and 2 year time before an initial response are … Continue reading

Serious Opposition To Patent Reform From California Senators

Proving that patent reform truly is a bi-partisan issue, California Senator’s Boxer and Feinstein boldly challenged fellow Democrat Patrick Leahy’s Patent Reform America Invents Act and its ‘first-to-file’ provisions. Meanwhile, myself and others in the anti-FTF camp have spent far too much time needlessly debating the interference aspect of the present ‘first-to-invent’ system (where a … Continue reading

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