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More Intellectual Ventures News: Whistle Blower Names Names, And Reaction To Round Rock Connection

Cassius Elston, Jr., former Director of Acquisitions (and later consultant) accuses Intellectual Ventures Management of unethical behavior in a revealing court-filing complete with name-dropping of several high profile companies apparently interested in selling patents to IV. Continue reading


Intellectual Ventures Stands Alone

When it comes to patent reform, inventors and other “non-practicing” patent owners might prefer to band together as brothers, united against the corporate interests backing S.23’s revolutionary upheaval to our centuries old traditions.  As a “non-practicing” patent owner, however, Intellectual Ventures stands separate. While they initially opposed the bill with so much vigor as to … Continue reading

IV Patent Reform Lobbying Lawsuit – Headaches For Its Enforcement Efforts?

Since posting yesterday about Pat Choate‘s lawsuit against Intellectual Ventures, I’ve been hit with a number of calls and emails with questions, the answers to which are largely, “I don’t know.” Very little information (as far as I can tell, no information) has become public beyond the complaint filed earlier this week. That said, the … Continue reading

Union Opposition To Patent Reform Legislation Funded By Intellectual Ventures

Pat Choate, noted political economist, filed a breach of contract lawsuit earlier this week against Intellectual Ventures, a patent aggregator, owner of approximately 30,000 patents, and plaintiff in numerous patent infringement lawsuits.  According to a copy of the complaint obtained by GametimeIP.com, Choate was hired by IV to orchestrate opposition to the patent reform legislation … Continue reading

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