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Patent Plays In Focus At Seeking Alpha: InterDigital, Nokia, Augme And Others

Some readers may already have noticed a recent series of articles posted to the investor-focused website Seeking Alpha focusing on companies that either currently, formerly, or prospectively will, derive most of their revenue from patent monetization.  (In fact, the first series of articles includes at least one of each.) These so-called “patent plays” form an … Continue reading

Micron Retains Interest In Round Rock Patent Monetization Proceeds

Micron, in disposing of patents to John Desmarais’ Round Rock Research, LLC, developed a plan that was simple in concept, although potentially complex in execution thanks to a desire to conceal the participation of its business partners.  Nevertheless, Round Rock opponents exposed some of the mechanics behind Micron’s plan in public court filings (embedded below … Continue reading

Another Smart Move From Microsoft’s Patent Licensing Group

This past September, Canadian patent licensing company MOSAID acquired 400 patent families from Nokia through a purchase of Core Wireless S.a.r.l.  The purchase netted MOSAID 2000 total patents, of which more than 1200 are reportedly “standards essential” for 2G, 3G and 4G wireless standards.  MOSAID claims that “it made no upfront payments to acquire the … Continue reading

Intellectual Ventures Flexes Some Patent Muscle

Intellectual Ventures made a name for itself by (originally) negotiating patent licenses outside of litigation.  However, when those prospects started to run dry, IV launched a warning shot–which later appeared a bit underwhelming for a mass aggregator holding tens of thousands of patents.  This opening blow was followed by a series of targeted rifle shots, … Continue reading

Xilinx Lawsuit Reveals More Of Intellectual Ventures’ Strategy

Stamped and filed on September 2, 2011, a brand-spanking new lawsuit (courtesy of my friends at PriorSmart, and embedded below) from Xilinx (the Intellectual Ventures investor-turned-target) accuses IV of “unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business practices,” simultaneously shedding dim light on IV’s opaque array of holding companies and their general licensing strategy.  According to Xilinx, the … Continue reading

Recognizing Buyers And Sellers In The Technology Market

Patenting isn’t a numbers game, unless that number is a date. Companies late to the party often get stuck with the check. An examination of the Apple/Nokia outcome was entirely predictable since Nokia’s contributions to key, underlying technologies far pre-dated Apple’s. Continue reading

Google: The First Lemming Into The Nortel Patent Canyon

A patent cliff refers to a sudden, massive and potentially catastrophic series of patent expirations that negatively affects pharmaceutical companies.  A patent canyon, on the other hand, is something different, albeit similar (in geological terms) to a cliff (don’t bother googling it, I just made up), and it applies to the fabled Nortel portfolio. The … Continue reading

Two Minute Drill

Germany grants injunctions, US debates inducing patent infringement, and patent reform is fast tracked: This morning, IAM Magazine’s Joff Wild is reporting that a German court issued an injunction against Nokia. (Excerpt below the jump) Oral arguments are scheduled for this morning in Global-Tech v. SEB, which will ultimately decide whether inducing infringement means having … Continue reading

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