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The Intellectual Ventures / Nvidia Patent Partnership

Already widely reported this week, IPWireless sold 500+ patents and pending applications to a combination of Intellectual Ventures and Nvidia.  Intellectual Ventures knew about the IPWireless portfolio long before Nvidia approached it for help negotiating the acquisition.  Executive Vice President Loria Yeadon told me during a phone call, “We’ve known about the IPWireless portfolio for … Continue reading

Intellectual Ventures Flexes Some Patent Muscle

Intellectual Ventures made a name for itself by (originally) negotiating patent licenses outside of litigation.  However, when those prospects started to run dry, IV launched a warning shot–which later appeared a bit underwhelming for a mass aggregator holding tens of thousands of patents.  This opening blow was followed by a series of targeted rifle shots, … Continue reading

Patent Owner With Ties To Intellectual Ventures Sues 100+ Media Companies

Although this news is fairly old at this point, the Intellectual Ventures connection to Mission Abstract Data’s lawsuit against 116 media companies seems to have gone relatively unreported until last week.  That’s when Tom Ewing (who runs an IP consulting firm) left a comment on Joff Wild’s article about NPR’s unflattering portrial of the IP … Continue reading

Intellectual Ventures Proves There Are No Mechanized Patent Owners

As reported by my colleagues at Patent Calls, Intellectual Ventures sued Hynix and Elpida (again) on July 11, along with 9 of their customers for allegedly infringing 5 (more) of its patents.  At issue are four patents previously owned by Cirrus Logic, which also was the previous owner of patents in IV’s first round of … Continue reading

Intellectual Ventures Stands Alone

When it comes to patent reform, inventors and other “non-practicing” patent owners might prefer to band together as brothers, united against the corporate interests backing S.23’s revolutionary upheaval to our centuries old traditions.  As a “non-practicing” patent owner, however, Intellectual Ventures stands separate. While they initially opposed the bill with so much vigor as to … Continue reading

IV Patent Reform Lobbying Lawsuit – Headaches For Its Enforcement Efforts?

Since posting yesterday about Pat Choate‘s lawsuit against Intellectual Ventures, I’ve been hit with a number of calls and emails with questions, the answers to which are largely, “I don’t know.” Very little information (as far as I can tell, no information) has become public beyond the complaint filed earlier this week. That said, the … Continue reading

Union Opposition To Patent Reform Legislation Funded By Intellectual Ventures

Pat Choate, noted political economist, filed a breach of contract lawsuit earlier this week against Intellectual Ventures, a patent aggregator, owner of approximately 30,000 patents, and plaintiff in numerous patent infringement lawsuits.  According to a copy of the complaint obtained by GametimeIP.com, Choate was hired by IV to orchestrate opposition to the patent reform legislation … Continue reading

And The Other Shoe Just Dropped … Intellectual Ventures Files Its First Patent Infringement Lawsuits

UPDATED 12/14/10 — Original post follows with updates below: Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve already heard the news.  Not only has IV filed its first three lawsuits,but they’ve done it in a very public manner, issuing their own press release identifying the defendants and providing PDF copies of the complaints.  Despite IV’s public … Continue reading

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