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Patent Plays In Focus At Seeking Alpha: InterDigital, Nokia, Augme And Others

Some readers may already have noticed a recent series of articles posted to the investor-focused website Seeking Alpha focusing on companies that either currently, formerly, or prospectively will, derive most of their revenue from patent monetization.  (In fact, the first series of articles includes at least one of each.) These so-called “patent plays” form an … Continue reading

Reform This! Acacia CEO Credits Patent Reform As A “Major Trend” While Announcing Its Biggest Quarter Ever

Driven largely by January’s blockbuster purchase of ADAPTIX, and the immediate recognition of an estimated $70 MM in licensing revenue from Microsoft and Samsung, Acacia announced Q1 2012 as its best quarter in history, with a total of $99 MM in revenue, a whopping 62% increase over the same period last year. In total, Acacia … Continue reading

Intellectual Ventures Flexes Some Patent Muscle

Intellectual Ventures made a name for itself by (originally) negotiating patent licenses outside of litigation.  However, when those prospects started to run dry, IV launched a warning shot–which later appeared a bit underwhelming for a mass aggregator holding tens of thousands of patents.  This opening blow was followed by a series of targeted rifle shots, … Continue reading

Return Of The Bubble: Patent Sellers Put Acacia Back On Their Christmas Card List

When patent aggregator RPX debuted with more than a billion dollar valuation, they warned us a bubble was coming. When Rockstar Bidco paid $4.5 B to acquire an aging Nortel portfolio, and Google paid $12 B just to (allegedly) gut a company’s patents, they told us there was no bubble. Then, on January 13, 2012, … Continue reading

Google-IBM Patent Deal: Business As Usual?

Google’s been on an IP shopping spree lately, snatching up large swaths of patents at a time.  One of the more notable transactions is an apparent deal with IBM that was at least partially inked back in March, and continues to make headlines almost a year later.  (FOSS Patents blogger Florian Mueller indicated that the … Continue reading

Patent Licensing Is The Answer, But What Is The Question?

If mainstream media reports the pulse of its readership, then the average American is terrified by the idea of patent licensing. Of course, they don’t report it this way, but they do talk about scary mystical creatures waiting to jump out and hold entrepreneurs for ransom, using the legal system as their gun.  Even the … Continue reading

Another Interesting Use Of The IP Auction Marketplace

ICAP announced an offer a Covenant Not to Sue (CNS) from MOSAID Technologies during a sealed-bid auction on September 27, 2011. The CNS covers U.S. patents 5,650,770, 6,198,390, 6,518,889 and 5,963,130, described as “essential to all cellular telephones which implement the Federal Communications Commission’s E-911 emergency call standard.” The patents have been on an interesting … Continue reading

Motorola Countersuit – UPDATE

By way of Phillip Brooks’ blog is this article by Tony Bradley at PC World: The countersuit is a standard legal maneuver for patent infringement law suits. It is common enough that it is no longer a matter of if, but when, a tech organization challenged for patent infringement will respond with a patent suit … Continue reading

Guardian Media Asserts Expired Patent Against AT&T, Verizon, Microsoft, Motorola & 32 Others

On Wednesday, November 10, Guardian Media named 36 entities in a patent infringement lawsuit involving US Patent Nos. 4,930,158 and 4,930,160.  Both of these patents expired several years ago, so Guardian’s only claim is for a few years worth of past damages.  However, since the accused products include computers, DVD players, DVRs, and video game … Continue reading

Strength? Or Just Numbers?

When it comes to Patent Strength, Florian Mueller gets it: One thing that’s important to consider when looking at all of the suits and countersuits is that the quantities of patents asserted are a factor of limited importance. via FOSS Patents: No surprise here: Motorola countersues Microsoft over alleged patent infringement. (A Law.com article calls … Continue reading

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