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Please, By All Means, Keep Calling East Texas “Plaintiff Friendly” Even When It’s Not True

If you read any contemporary articles, blogs or lawyer commentary about patent litigation, the two phrases “plaintiff-friendly” (or “patent owner friendly”) and “East Texas” are often found close together. I, for one, like this characterization. The urban myth of the “plaintiff friendly” East Texas courts helps convince patent infringers that they should “fear” the court’s results. And if that “fear” means patent owners that are known for using East Texas courts get better results, so be it. However, I am a stickler for facts, and the fact is it just ain’t true. Continue reading


The New Patent Licensing Regime

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: throw the old rulebook out the window.  The rules for patent licensing changed suddenly and quickly last week when patent owners, for the first time ever, successfully exchanged freedom to operate under a patent portfolio without the ridiculous litigation dog and pony show… as Erik Sherman … Continue reading

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