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Three Copyright Assets Available For Purchase From Gametime IP

After careful consideration, I have decided to part with the rights to three different Gametime IP articles.  While I am offering these as three separate lots, interested parties may inquire about purchasing all three together.  The lots are as follows: Lot 1: Righthaven Business Model Exposed – End Of An Era, Or Spawning Of A … Continue reading

Nevada Court Says Stephens Media GetsThe Goldmine, Righthaven Gets The Shaft

If Stephens Media wishes to assert claims against Democratic Underground, it may do so separately. There it is, in black and white from Judge Roger Hunt in the District of Nevada.  The DU is not out of hot water, and the actual question of copyright infringement is far from over, but the Judge decides to … Continue reading

Righthaven Business Model Exposed – End Of An Era, Or Spawning Of A New IP Licensing Industry?

Righthaven files a lot of copyright lawsuits, and that’s putting it mildly. From this convenient website, it appears that they’ve filed somewhere in the ball-park of more than 260 copyright lawsuits between March of last year and today.  That’s around three lawsuits every four days, give or take.  That’s a lot. And during that entire … Continue reading

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