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Patent Deal Potentially Has “Apocalyptic” Consequences

UPDATED 12/22/10 (see below) Among the consequences/signs of apocalyptic events, we’re told, includes: “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”  Not to accuse anyone of hysterics, but we have seen the business equivalent of “dogs and cats living together” in the form of a four company partnership including Microsoft and Apple to purchase … Continue reading

Google Says Oracle’s Patents Are Invalid Abstract Ideas, But Why?

When news of the Oracle v Google litigation broke, Groklaw asked whether any of the asserted patents passed the Bilski test for patentability.  Given Groklaw’s position on patentability of software-implemented inventions, this is really not a surprise.  Of course, Groklaw‘s opinions are one thing, and the actions of actual patent owners are quite another.  Of … Continue reading

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