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Survival Of The ‘Micro-Entity’ IP Licensing Model

The economic value of an IP licensing business model derives fundamentally from the incremental and relative value a particular piece of proprietary technology contributes to a product or market.  In some cases, the technology represents a product in itself, but more often the technology represents a portion or improvement to an existing product.  I refer to … Continue reading

Top 3 IP ‘Bullies’ And How To Handle Them

There’s something about the underdog, whether it’s Rocky Balboa, Rudy, or Bob Kearns, that makes us feel good inside.  Most of us like to see David topple Goliath … What if Kearns, instead of patenting an incremental improvement to a windshield wiper, had patented an incremental improvement to better facilitate e-commerce?  And what if, instead … Continue reading

Patent Infringement Claims Against iOS Developers — Top 5 Things To Remember

After an interesting bombshell was dropped on iOS developers this past Friday, patent owner Lodsys, LLC has come forward with answers to a number of questions circulating about its licensing program.  But there are some key things to keep in mind if you find yourself dealing with, or even reading/writing about this development. First, in … Continue reading

Patent Threats Lobbed Against App Developers, But Apple Is The Target

A company called Lodsys has apparently sent threatening letters to a number of independent software developers. The common thread was use of Apple’s in-app purchase API. The strategy strikes me as a good way to burn a lot of energy trying to draw blood from a turnip, but while it may seem unwise at first … Continue reading