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Do NPE’s “Cost” Us $29 B? Intellectual Ventures Co-Founder Peter Detkin Sets The Record Straight

The BBC ran another article in a tired meme about evil patent owners supposedly “costing” billions per year.  Of course, the article doesn’t specify who supposedly bore this $29 B “cost” or how it was calculated, but instead cites a Boston University paper by Professors James Bessen and Michael Meurer.   According to the BBC article, … Continue reading

An Interesting Patent “Pure Play” — Internet Patents Corp

My article about Internet Patents Corp (Nasdaq: PTNT), an operating company that converted in 2011 to a patent “pure play,” just published on Seeking Alpha.  See Internet Patents Corp.: A Patent Pure Play Poised To Make A Big Splash. One of the more interesting aspects of PTNT is that its portfolio includes an important characteristic … Continue reading

AkzoNobel And Intellectual Ventures Collaborate On R&D

From a press release circulated by Intellectual Ventures yesterday: Akzo Nobel N.V. (AkzoNobel) and Intellectual Ventures (IV®) announced today that they have entered into a joint collaboration agreement to develop new technologies for the paint and coatings industry. The collaboration provides AkzoNobel with access to technologies from IV’s portfolio of chemistry and materials science inventions. … Continue reading

The Intellectual Ventures / Nvidia Patent Partnership

Already widely reported this week, IPWireless sold 500+ patents and pending applications to a combination of Intellectual Ventures and Nvidia.  Intellectual Ventures knew about the IPWireless portfolio long before Nvidia approached it for help negotiating the acquisition.  Executive Vice President Loria Yeadon told me during a phone call, “We’ve known about the IPWireless portfolio for … Continue reading

How Startups Should Plan For Patent Enforcement Costs

A few days ago, as covered on GametimeIP, a UK inventor Michael Wilcox burned his patent in protest over the failure of the patent system to provide realistic protection from appropriation of his invention by others.  While the inventor’s lament is a common one, the falsehood of the so-called “exclusive right” is so well known … Continue reading

Glimpse Of America’s Future From Across The Pond – Are UK ‘SME’ Patents Worth More As Heating Fuel?

An interesting story today from The Telegraph introduces inventor and small business owner Michael Wilcox.  After spending £150,000 to develop his printing technology, Wilcox burned his patent in protest, expressing his frustration over failed attempts to negotiate license agreements with larger companies in the industry.  Wilcox told the paper that, because companies no longer feared … Continue reading

Of The Patent System, Risk Taking And ‘Not Being A Complete Puss’ — An Inventor Speaks Out

A patentee takes great risks. They deserve protection. Those are the words of Joe Atler, inventor of certain CGI techniques (US Patent 6,720,962) and self-made champion of his own cause. After getting the proverbial ‘run-around’ from Disney executives, Alter sued back in October, without a lawyer or law firm to back him up.  Alter now … Continue reading

Inventing A Way To Win The West – An American Patent Tale

Kenneth Lustig of Intellectual Ventures recently penned a fantastic essay about the American patent system and its unique place in history.  (See No, The Patent System Is Not Broken).  Today, American-style patent systems are commonplace in the industrialized world, but, explains Lustig “in 1790, [the US] was unique in the world for containing ‘an explicit … Continue reading

Myopic Patent Cynicism

In September 2011, flawed research from a handful of Boston University professors made headlines with several highly popular news organizations claiming that patent owners were somehow responsible for a net loss of billions of dollars in wealth from corporate America.  Joff Wild at IAM Magazine accurately predicted that the research would be well received and … Continue reading

Patent Scholars Debate, But It Is What It Is

Back in September, Professor Mark Lemley began promoting his latest piece of scholarly work, entitled The Myth of the Sole Inventor.  Lemley set out to discover the truth about a theory of patents he apparently considers relatively fundamental. His piece begins: The theory of patent law is based on the idea that a lone genius … Continue reading

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