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Xilinx Lawsuit Reveals More Of Intellectual Ventures’ Strategy

Stamped and filed on September 2, 2011, a brand-spanking new lawsuit (courtesy of my friends at PriorSmart, and embedded below) from Xilinx (the Intellectual Ventures investor-turned-target) accuses IV of “unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business practices,” simultaneously shedding dim light on IV’s opaque array of holding companies and their general licensing strategy.  According to Xilinx, the … Continue reading

Patent-ly Clueless Law Firm Opens Its Mouth, Revealing All Doubt

In a blatant attempt to pander to potential clients known for unashamedly infringing on other’s patent rights, California law firm Wang, Hartmann, Gibbs & Cauley, PC repeatedly drops the “T” bomb (despite claiming to “engage in IP litigation to defend our clients’ IP rights”) and demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of both patent reform and the … Continue reading

Patent Owner With Ties To Intellectual Ventures Sues 100+ Media Companies

Although this news is fairly old at this point, the Intellectual Ventures connection to Mission Abstract Data’s lawsuit against 116 media companies seems to have gone relatively unreported until last week.  That’s when Tom Ewing (who runs an IP consulting firm) left a comment on Joff Wild’s article about NPR’s unflattering portrial of the IP … Continue reading

Intellectual Ventures Proves There Are No Mechanized Patent Owners

As reported by my colleagues at Patent Calls, Intellectual Ventures sued Hynix and Elpida (again) on July 11, along with 9 of their customers for allegedly infringing 5 (more) of its patents.  At issue are four patents previously owned by Cirrus Logic, which also was the previous owner of patents in IV’s first round of … Continue reading

More Intellectual Ventures News: Whistle Blower Names Names, And Reaction To Round Rock Connection

Cassius Elston, Jr., former Director of Acquisitions (and later consultant) accuses Intellectual Ventures Management of unethical behavior in a revealing court-filing complete with name-dropping of several high profile companies apparently interested in selling patents to IV. Continue reading

Did Intellectual Ventures Drive Micron To Privateer Patent Enforcement?

The official story notwithstanding, the real architect of the Micron-to-Round Rock patent sale may actually have been none other than Intellectual Ventures. Consider the facts that the amount received by Micron for the patents, and the amount Micron paid for a license to IV patents were each small enough to escape SEC reporting obligations. This alone suggests that both parties were cooperating for mutual advantage, which included influencing John Desmarais to leave Kirkland to form his own practice, simultaneously freeing him up to represent Intellectual Ventures. Further, the source of Round Rock’s funding has been shrouded in secrecy, but traceable to Intellectual Ventures. The benefits to Micron are obvious. Shifting 20% of its patents to a private party gives Intellectual Ventures the possibility of generating for more revenue that Micron would have been willing to pay in cash, arms privateers with resources to pursue Micron’s competition and eliminates the significant maintenance cost associated with the patents. Continue reading

Round Rock’s John Desmarais Admits Every Great Idea He Had Was Actually Someone Else’s

Joff Wild has already thoroughly covered this story (See: It was Micron’s idea to create an NPE to monetise its patents, Round Rock founder reveals), but I just wanted to confirm (as if there was any doubt) that I too was in the room, and I heard exactly what Wild heard.  Specifically, it was toward the … Continue reading

University of Texas Endowment Fund Manager Comments On Patents & Intellectual Ventures Investment

As I mentioned on the Patent Calls blog last Friday (see Patent Calls CEO Quoted in Austin Business Journal), the University of Texas was one of dozens of investors disclosed in a federal court filing as having a financial interest in patent litigation brought by Intellectual Ventures.  According to the Austin Business Journal article: The … Continue reading

The Intellectual Ventures Investment List — An Unwelcome Revelation?

(With corrections — 11:30 AM 5/19/11) By way of IAM and PatentlyO, a fairly comprehensive list of investors in Intellectual Ventures published yesterday.  Rather than re-hash the list, I’ve just embedded the disclosure statement below.  In general, what’s interesting about this revelation is the fact that companies pushing hardest for patent reform, like Patent Fairness … Continue reading

Has Jay Walker Rendered Intellectual Ventures Irrelevant?

In a new age of large-scale patent assertion, Walker Digital may have outdone all earlier comers, including Intellectual Ventures, and the inexplicably notable Interval Licensing. PaidContent.org staff reporter Joe Mullin asks: Is Jay Walker jealous of Paul Allen? Allen got a lot of press when he sued 11 big internet companies last year, essentially saying … Continue reading

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