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Well, That Didn’t Take Long

So, less than 24 hours after I wrote that “sometimes the day is not complete without a column … about how our patent system is malfunctioning and not performing its goal of ‘promoting innovation,’” we have this insipid entry from the Wall Street Journal and Andy Kessler.  The piece is a fairly predictable diatribe, but … Continue reading

Adult Swim Declared In Facebook’s Patent Infringement Pool!

I have a lot of fond memories from childhood.  Well, I have memories from my childhood. Among them were those summer-time trips to the local swimming pool.  Growing up in a small, southern town, the pool was just about the only place one could stand being outdoors most of the time.  And I have fond … Continue reading

Renewed Interest In Patent Investment Affects RPX Valuation

Joff Wild over at the IAM Blog recently reported an upgrade in RPX’s rating from Barclays Capital from 2-EW to 1-OW, citing “secular sustainable growth” of the IP sector.  Barclays’ briefing paper cites the growth of patent litigation as one of the “key data” supporting its analysis.  While Joff accurately notes that I previously “questioned … Continue reading

RPX Winning Over Investors One Soul At A Time

RPX claims to be a friend to operating companies, but in reality their interests are more closely aligned with patent lawyers, capitalizing on the consequent confusion, expense and delays of the patent litigation system. Although they may provide liquidity, on balance RPX’s existence may also be detrimental to patent owners, but that’s a separate matter. For its part, the patent aggregator has been effective at convincing investors that it provides operating companies a valuable service. But are investors seeing the light, or merely being bribed convinced in a monetary fashion? A $1.6 MM payout to one VC raises questions, but more on that below. Continue reading

RPX IPO Update

Contrary to my earlier update (relying on a MarketWatch article), RPXC began trading around 11:30 AM (NY time). Trading opened at $24.10 per share and is currently hovering a little over $23. As IAM’s Joff Wild points out, this values the firm at close to, if not over $1 Billion.  (Earlier GametimeIP discussion at RPX IPO … Continue reading

RPX IPO Wednesday; Own A Piece Of Patent Monetization For $16

This Wednesday, patent aggregator RPX will begin trading on NASDAQ this Wednesday.  Seeking Alpha is reporting that the stock will be priced sometime this evening, but the company’s proposed price values the business at more than $850+ Million.  As IAM Magazine Editor Joff Wild notes, this is a huge number compared to the revenue numbers … Continue reading

Google Sued Over Daily Deal Business Venture

Google‘s interest in the “daily deal” business was demonstrated by their $6 Billion dollar offer to acquire Groupon (leading to a ridiculously overrated valuation of the latter’s patent portfolio).  Of course, Groupon spurned this offer, opting for an IPO instead.  Undaunted, Google entered the daily deal business on its own, through a service offering called … Continue reading

Which Patent Is A Threat To Your Business?

Would you prefer a knife in the back or a punch on the nose? Patent assertions are a competitive business, as a number of very large, well-funded organizations compete for patent ownership all having one goal in mind: profit.  As to one of these organizations, Rick Merrit writes: RPX competes with at least two other … Continue reading

Patent Licensing Firm Acacia Offers Public Equity

From the IAM Blog over the weekend: Acacia Research has announced it is to make five million of its shares available in a public offering designed to raise cash “for its operations and for other general corporate purposes, including, but not limited to, working capital, strategic acquisitions and other transactions”. The move comes as its market … Continue reading

RPX IPO: Patent Aggregation, Terrorists and Goldilocks

As patent aggregator RPX prepares to go public, despite suspicious financial disclosures, analyzing the RPX business model for sustainability becomes paramount for any investor. Unfortunately, RPX’s sustainability plans also spell disaster for its clients, create disincentives for RPX to actually help its clients, and result in a “Goldilocks” problem that may

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