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Walker Digital Patent Licensing Deals Confirmed – “Mystery” Suitor Looms

In a clever PR move, Walker Digital quietly announced last week that its re-invigorated licensing campaign has generated $25 MM in revenue over a 90 day period (in other words, since teaming up with strategic consultant IPNav).  Naturally, the announcement also mentioned that “[s]ettlement agreements prevent Walker Digital from disclosing specific parties.” The press release, … Continue reading

Walker Digital ‘Pokes’ Facebook (Again) – Two More Patent Lawsuits

Facebook might as well add an “Assert Patent” button to go alongside its “Like” and “Poke” features.  This week, Walker Digital filed two new lawsuits against the social networking giant, raising the total to five since November. Walker Digital has effectively now asked Facebook to license ten different patents, related to various kinds of technology … Continue reading

Google Sued Over Daily Deal Business Venture

Google‘s interest in the “daily deal” business was demonstrated by their $6 Billion dollar offer to acquire Groupon (leading to a ridiculously overrated valuation of the latter’s patent portfolio).  Of course, Groupon spurned this offer, opting for an IPO instead.  Undaunted, Google entered the daily deal business on its own, through a service offering called … Continue reading

Top Patent Owners Offer Discount Licenses Via Groupon — Today Only!

Gametime IP has received an exclusive advanced look at an offer that will debut later today featuring licenses and covenants not to sue for valuable patent portfolios targeted at top operating companies around the world.  According to the source: The offer will be directed at any operating company desiring to take a license to some, … Continue reading

Patented Group Discounts Are Only Logical

The good men and women of Vulcan are but one part of a significant enterprise devoted to bringing various innovations to light, including apparently misunderstood stuff like specific processes for collaborating interests to provide contextually relevant information. Unfortunately, it’s become all too clear that the current mechanisms for licensing inventions is horrifically inefficient.  Couple that … Continue reading

More Google Acquisitions “Driven” By Patents — And Other Unanswered Questions

So late last year, I had a pretty good laugh over this “expert” opinion that Google’s interest in Groupon  was due to the latter’s patent portfolio. (See: Is Groupon’s Patent Really Worth More Than The Entire Nortel Portfolio?). Actually, my friend Jackie Hutter also had a laugh over this same article in her post Patent … Continue reading

Is Groupon’s Patent Really Worth More Than The Entire Nortel Portfolio?

Since initially writing this post about Groupon’s use of the patent marketplace to acquire this patent to counter a lawsuit from MobGob, I’ve learned that Groupon just can’t stay out of the news.  Whether it’s for getting involved in another patent infringement lawsuit or turning down a $6 Billion offer from Google.  While I do … Continue reading

Are We On The Verge Of A Patent Arms Race?

On the heels of stories like Facebook’s purchase of HP and Applied Materials patents and Groupon’s purchase of an early group discounting patent, comes a report today that Apple, Google and RIM are among the bidders for Nortel’s IP portfolio.  If the rumors are true, this may be unprecedented territory for Google, and possibly a … Continue reading

Groupon, Mergers And Patent Litigation (Oh My!)

Previously, I mentioned how Groupon acquired this patent and used it to retaliate against MobGob’s patent infringement claims against it.  Meanwhile, news of the potential $ 6 B acquisition by Google abounds (including proclamations that its a great idea, as well as a bad idea).  Since then, Groupon has been sued again, and its patent … Continue reading

Group Purchasing Power – An Interesting Use Of The Patent Marketplace

There’s nothing quite like a patent war over group, pre-purchase discounts to get people excited, is there?  A couple of different news outlets have picked up on a lawsuit by Groupon against apparent competitor MobGob.  Of course, each of those stories missed what paidContent.org‘s Joe Mullin, and Bloomberg‘s Susan Decker noticed, which is MobGob’s botched … Continue reading

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