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Improving The Patent Enforcement Process?

On September 27, 2011, Chief Judge Randall Rader spoke to a group of, primarily, lawyers and judges attending a combined meeting of the Federal Circuit Bar Association and the Eastern District of Texas Bar Association to share his visions on improving the patent system. Professor Dennis Crouch’s article on the subject includes a link to … Continue reading

The Intellectual Ventures Investment List — An Unwelcome Revelation?

(With corrections — 11:30 AM 5/19/11) By way of IAM and PatentlyO, a fairly comprehensive list of investors in Intellectual Ventures published yesterday.  Rather than re-hash the list, I’ve just embedded the disclosure statement below.  In general, what’s interesting about this revelation is the fact that companies pushing hardest for patent reform, like Patent Fairness … Continue reading

Rising Patent Application Abandonments

Over at PatentlyO, Dennis Crouch posted some updated statistics about patent allowances, which projects another record year of allowances.  In response to last year’s 200,000+ patent allowances, Techdirt‘s Mike Masnick claimed that the patent office was just rubber stamping applications: Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has made it clear that he wanted to US Patent and … Continue reading

Rep. Michaud Reacts to House Patent Reform Bill

Responding to the introduction of the America Invents Act, Maine Congressman Mike Michaud just released the following statement: “I am disappointed and concerned with the ‘America Invents Act.’ Patent reform should focus on addressing the Patent and Trademark Office’s backlog, first, and do no harm, second. As introduced, this bill would be bad for American inventors, … Continue reading

Can The House Do Patent Reform The Right Way?

UPDATED – SEE BELOW Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard that the Senate overwhelmingly approved S. 23, the Patent Reform America Invents Act. If the jingle is running through your head, you obviously know that it’s now up to the House of Representatives to determine whether it also approves of the legislation.  Fortunately … Continue reading

Can We Have An Intellectually Honest Patent Reform Debate In The House?

The senate is nearly finished with its work, as the Feinstein Amendment was defeated handily, and S.23, the America Invents Act is scheduled for a vote on Friday. Senator Feinstein tried to pare back the bill by removing the flawed first-to-file provisions, leaving in place revisions that are actually needed, like ending fee diversion.  Senators … Continue reading

Serious Opposition To Patent Reform From California Senators

Proving that patent reform truly is a bi-partisan issue, California Senator’s Boxer and Feinstein boldly challenged fellow Democrat Patrick Leahy’s Patent Reform America Invents Act and its ‘first-to-file’ provisions. Meanwhile, myself and others in the anti-FTF camp have spent far too much time needlessly debating the interference aspect of the present ‘first-to-invent’ system (where a … Continue reading

This Blog States The Obvious

Obviously, things that are obvious shouldn’t be patentable. Obvious improvements aren’t worthy of patents, instead being reserved for inventors who possess extra-ordinary skill, not merely every Tom, Dick and Harry to come up with something new … Unfortunately, figuring out how to actually prove something obvious has plagued the patent system for centuries. Engineering is … Continue reading

How Dumb Does The Patent Office Think We Are? Just End Fee Diversion Now!

If Congress gets one thing right this year, let it be Sen. Tom Coburn’s proposed amendment to S.23 to put an end to fee diversion–the practice of diverting patent examination fees into the government’s general fund.  In fact, the fee diversion provisions should probably be the only part of the reform bill to pass, at … Continue reading

Intelligence Is (Not) A Requirement – “Good” vs “Bad” Patent Prosecution

Over at my friend Mark’s TacticalIP blog, I recently commented that every patent application is deserving of at least an informal phone call with the Examiner, if not an interview.  I can’t tell you how many patent file histories I’ve read over the years that went through multiple RCE’s (translation for patent owners: spending your … Continue reading

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