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Could Magellan Patents Navigate Delaware Court Toward Restoring Sanity In Patent Enforcement?

Recent changes to US Patent laws (ala H.R. 1249, the America Invents Act) demonstrated an apparent congressional preference for more complexity in industry-wide patent licensing.  As pointed out previously on Gametime IP (See The Patent Lawyer’s ‘Jobs Bill’ May Become Law This Week), patent owners frequently grouped infringers together when resorting to litigation for efficiency, but H.R. … Continue reading

The Patent Lawyer’s ‘Jobs Bill’ May Become Law This Week

Patent reform ala H.R. 1249 is expected to be signed by President Obama this coming Friday, and big law firms have good reason to celebrate.  Section 19 of the proposed legislation changes the general rule about joining multiple parties together in a single lawsuit, and takes immediate, though not retroactive, effect.  Under the current rule … Continue reading

Patent Owner With Ties To Intellectual Ventures Sues 100+ Media Companies

Although this news is fairly old at this point, the Intellectual Ventures connection to Mission Abstract Data’s lawsuit against 116 media companies seems to have gone relatively unreported until last week.  That’s when Tom Ewing (who runs an IP consulting firm) left a comment on Joff Wild’s article about NPR’s unflattering portrial of the IP … Continue reading

Developing: Walker Digital May Have Struck A Deal With Apple

It appears that Walker Digital and Apple reached a possible patent licensing deal, as Walker voluntarily dismissed Apple from two of its lawsuits.

Google Sued Over Daily Deal Business Venture

Google‘s interest in the “daily deal” business was demonstrated by their $6 Billion dollar offer to acquire Groupon (leading to a ridiculously overrated valuation of the latter’s patent portfolio).  Of course, Groupon spurned this offer, opting for an IPO instead.  Undaunted, Google entered the daily deal business on its own, through a service offering called … Continue reading

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