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Opportunity To Educate Congress About Patent Reform

If you’re interested in Congress making an informed decision about the upcoming patent reform vote (H.R. 1249), encourage your Senate staffers to attended today’s briefing sponsored by the U.S. Business & Industry Council.    The speaker’s lineup includes views from a retired Federal judge, Angel investor, head of a venture capital firm and a constitutional law … Continue reading

Another Wolf Cry? Patent Reform Vote Imminent

After years of speculation and debate, this latest implementation of patent reform (H.R. 1249) could move quickly through the senate this week.  The best hope for those opposed to the bills dramatic changes would be an amendment allowing the USPTO to keep the fees it generates.  An end to the controversial “fee diversion” practice, a … Continue reading

Patent Office Deputy Director Rea Lays Out Administrative Initiatives

On Mackinac Island, MI, Deputy Director Teresa Stanek Rea spoke candidly about changes to the USPTO under the leadership Director David Kappos, including patent reform, administrative procedure, the backlog, and harmonization efforts, among other issues. Notably, a 15% fee hike is on the table if patent reform ends up passing. Continue reading

A Radical Alternative Patent Reform Proposal: Eliminating The Non-Obvious Requirement

Congress is debating patent reform once again, with the House Judiciary committee hearing testimony from USPTO Commissioner David Kappos and other witnesses today about first-to-file and prior user rights.  The most significant problem, as has been repeated time and again, is the backlog of 1.2 million applications currently pending, and 700,000 applications that have yet … Continue reading

Patent Reform Vote Today! Everything You Need To Know

UPDATED: MORE LINKS (BELOW) The Senate will reconvene today at 2:00 PM ET, and the Patent Reform Act of 2011 is supposedly on the schedule. It’s no real secret that I’m generally opposed to the bill.  The various provisions of the bill are largely either pointless at best (damages reform that merely codifies existing law) … Continue reading

Patent Reform Supported By Small Entities?

Current PTO Secretary, and former IBM IP Counsel Dave Kappos reportedly told Senate aides “that S. 23 [Patent Reform Act of 2011] has broad support of inventors and small entity business.” A bill that makes patents subject to more expensive, duplicative examination, raises the cost of patent ownership and forces a race to the patent … Continue reading

USPTO Introduces Almost Useless Pilot Program

USPTO Director David Kappos announced recently a potential new pilot program aimed at addressing the request of inventors that they be given additional time to develop an invention disclosed in a provisional patent application before having to file a non-provision, or “full” application. Currently, the deadline is 12 months. If an inventor waits longer than … Continue reading

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