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Patent Scholars Challenge Bessen & Meurer’s Bogus $29 B NPE Costs Figure

In a paper published on July 25, 2012 (available from SSRN), Chicago-area scholars David Schwartz and Jay Kesan challenge a study by Boston University professors James Bessen and Michael Meurer, which claimed that patent litigation generated by so-called “non-practicing entities” imposes direct costs of $29 B.  Intellectual Ventures’ Peter Detkin and Patentology’s Mark Summerfield already … Continue reading

Did Serial Infringers Commission “Academic” Patent Study To Support Widespread Infringement?

Prior to Gametime IP, the strongest defense of NPE-based patent litigation generally resolved around the fact that it is every patent owner’s right to take accused infringers to court, whether we like it or not. Our public discourse largely lacked any affirmative argument for the value created by NPEs, giving infringing companies free reign to pollute the literature with only anti-patent owner content. Thankfully, those days are over. Continue reading

How Dumb Does The Patent Office Think We Are? Just End Fee Diversion Now!

If Congress gets one thing right this year, let it be Sen. Tom Coburn’s proposed amendment to S.23 to put an end to fee diversion–the practice of diverting patent examination fees into the government’s general fund.  In fact, the fee diversion provisions should probably be the only part of the reform bill to pass, at … Continue reading

Two Minute Drill – Patent Reform Edition

Interesting twist in the patent reform battle this morning, as opposition to S. 23 from the Coalition for Patent Fairness splits Apple, Cisco, Dell and Intel, who are now opposing the reform bill, from Microsoft and IBM, who apparently support it.  This is puzzling, since


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