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Rensselaer Exclusive Licensee Enforces Natural Language Processing Patent Against Apple’s Siri

On October 19th, a Texas-based company sued Apple over US Patent 7,177,798.  Assignment records indicate the ‘798 Patent is owned by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and court documents state that Dynamic Advances, LLC is the “exclusively licensee” for the ‘798 and “facilitates Rensselaer’s goal of commercializing its patented inventions to the benefit of the general public and to further … Continue reading

Inventor Of Patented CGI Technique Runs To Court After A Walt Disney Runaround

Joe Alter invented an improved technique for computer generated animation back in 2000, and was awarded US Patent 6,720,962 in 2004. According to Alter’s patent, his invention allows for “creation of a highly stable coordinate system involving guide columns in which Cartesian physical simulations may be carried out and rendered as well as deformed and … Continue reading

The Patent Will Go On … A Re-examination Cautionary Tale

On the surface, re-examination appeared to be a sound strategy. But just as an iceberg carries but 10% of its mass above the surface, this Titanic-esque re-exam strategy lay vulnerable to the unseen mass lurking below. Continue reading

Bilski Was Just The Beginning, Showdown Over Patent-Eligibility Looms Large

Rader implicitly rejected the approach taken to rob Cybersource of its fraud detection patent by explicitly stating that a mathematical algorithm, if written as “an encoded tangible medium” is patent eligible. Cybersource will likely ask the full panel of CAFC judges to hear its case, and chances of reversing Judge Dyk’s flawed logic are looking a little better today. Importantly, Rader noted the importance of maintaining a broad understanding of patent eligibility, saying “The effect of eligibility restrictions can send innovation investment elsewhere.” Continue reading

Warning: Patent Analyst Shouts At The Rain

A three member panel of the esteemed Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) have collaborated to imagine that a “computer-readable medium containing program instructions” that causes a computer system to carry out specific steps is somehow a “mental process”.  In the process, the CAFC told would-be inventor John Pettitt that his Patent No. … Continue reading

Leave Patent Licensing To The Professionals

Another chapter in the ongoing Eon-Net saga closed last month with the CAFC, in a rare move, upholding the sanctions issued against the patent owner. We’ll have to wait and see if this has finally come to a close, since the panel’s decision potentially users in some unintended consequences. In the meantime, the court regales us with entertaining war-stories about lawyers outsmarting themselves, revealing too much of their client’s good graces, and blindly following the client over a cliff. Continue reading

Walker Digital ‘Pokes’ Facebook (Again) – Two More Patent Lawsuits

Facebook might as well add an “Assert Patent” button to go alongside its “Like” and “Poke” features.  This week, Walker Digital filed two new lawsuits against the social networking giant, raising the total to five since November. Walker Digital has effectively now asked Facebook to license ten different patents, related to various kinds of technology … Continue reading

Patent Infringement Claims Against iOS Developers — Top 5 Things To Remember

After an interesting bombshell was dropped on iOS developers this past Friday, patent owner Lodsys, LLC has come forward with answers to a number of questions circulating about its licensing program.  But there are some key things to keep in mind if you find yourself dealing with, or even reading/writing about this development. First, in … Continue reading

Questionable Strategy Employed Against Microsoft Patent Assertion

Microsoft’s recent round of patent assertions has been viewed as a proxy battle against Google, due in large part to Microsoft’s focus on the Android operating system.  (For background, see Google: Battlefield Opponent Or Sitting Duck? Android Patent Assault Continues).  The current assertion against Barnes & Noble is no exception. Further, IP weaknesses in the Android … Continue reading

The Nonobviousness Doctrine As An Innovation Tax

As the great patent reform debate rages, all participants basically agree that the patent office moves too slowly, is underfunded, and reform is needed.  That’s pretty much where the agreement ends.  Supporters of current reform efforts believe that awarding patents to the first person to invent is too unpredictable.  Groups that opposing the current reforms … Continue reading

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