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Has Jay Walker Rendered Intellectual Ventures Irrelevant?

In a new age of large-scale patent assertion, Walker Digital may have outdone all earlier comers, including Intellectual Ventures, and the inexplicably notable Interval Licensing. PaidContent.org staff reporter Joe Mullin asks: Is Jay Walker jealous of Paul Allen? Allen got a lot of press when he sued 11 big internet companies last year, essentially saying … Continue reading

Walker Digital Litigation: The Bruce Schneier Effect (And Other Miscellaneous Updates)

Since Walker Digital‘s announcement of 15 lawsuits against more than 100 companies, news coverage has exploded, the vast majority of which simply recycle the press release, or drop in miscellaneous notes about other Walker Digital lawsuits.  Among the rare exceptions for some original contribution, there’s a local Stamford, CT paper that managed to contribute more … Continue reading

Behind Walker Digital’s Velvet Glove Lies An Iron Fist

Patent licensing without the backdrop of litigation shouldn’t be rocket science.  But Intellectual Ventures figured out last year that before shaking hands with the velvet glove, opponents want to peek at the iron fist.  Of course, if you oblige and peel back the glove, or even offer to peel it back, you’ll often just find … Continue reading

The New Patent Licensing Regime

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: throw the old rulebook out the window.  The rules for patent licensing changed suddenly and quickly last week when patent owners, for the first time ever, successfully exchanged freedom to operate under a patent portfolio without the ridiculous litigation dog and pony show… as Erik Sherman … Continue reading

Answering The Bell – Google’s Attempt To Leverage Nortel Patent Acquisition

Answering criticisms that its patent portfolio lacks any real substance, Google has now put $900 Million on the table to acquire the Nortel portfolio.  While Google claims that the move is purely defensive (and so far observers remain cautiously optimistic that “don’t be evil” includes not asserting patents), the move is almost certainly more about … Continue reading

Patent Litigation Experiences K-T* Event?

Did anyone feel the ground shake on the Lower East Side today? At Capitale in New York City, a major shift in the patent transactional marketplace may have signaled the beginning of the end of patent litigation as we currently know it. As reported in an earlier Gametime IP post, results of today’s ICAP Ocean … Continue reading

Mixed Results For Round Rock Covenant Auction, No Sale For Walker Digital

Note: This is more-0r-less a factual account of the auction bidding. For my take on the significance of yesterday’s auction, please read Patent Litigation Experiences K-T* Event? Freedom to operate under a 4200+ patent portfolio owned by Round Rock Research, LLC went up on the ICAP Ocean Tomo auction block today in New York City, … Continue reading

Pivotal Ocean Tomo Patent Auction Tomorrow

The gavel will fall tomorrow this Thursday at the ICAP Ocean Tomo Spring Auction in New York City, following the heels of some very disappointing results in its last effort.  Also for sale at the auction a number of unique (to the auction world, at least) lots involving covenants not to sue, rather than the … Continue reading

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