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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The IP Bubble

If you’re interested IP issues from an asset perspective, there are not many sources better than IAM Magazine’s Joff Wild, and IP Finance author Jeremy Phillips.  From Jeremy’s recent post, it seems like the pair got together for lunch without me (no hard feelings boys–next time y’all are in Texas, beers are on me) to … Continue reading

RPX IPO Update

Contrary to my earlier update (relying on a MarketWatch article), RPXC began trading around 11:30 AM (NY time). Trading opened at $24.10 per share and is currently hovering a little over $23. As IAM’s Joff Wild points out, this values the firm at close to, if not over $1 Billion.  (Earlier GametimeIP discussion at RPX IPO … Continue reading

RPX IPO Delayed

Despite earlier reports, RPX will now begin trading on Thursday under the symbol RPXC.  Meanwhile, the company is likely excited that the stock priced at $19 / share, above the $16-$18 expected.

Is RPX Starving Or Feeding Patent Owners?

Nathan Vardi at Forbes says that RPX’s business is “trying to slay the monster they helped create.” (See RPX IPO Helps Slay Patent Trolls – Nathan Vardi – The Jungle – Forbes.)  The “they helped create” part refers to Amster’s involvement in Intellectual Ventures, but without NPEs and patent assertion, RPX wouldn’t have a business … Continue reading

RPX IPO Wednesday; Own A Piece Of Patent Monetization For $16

This Wednesday, patent aggregator RPX will begin trading on NASDAQ this Wednesday.  Seeking Alpha is reporting that the stock will be priced sometime this evening, but the company’s proposed price values the business at more than $850+ Million.  As IAM Magazine Editor Joff Wild notes, this is a huge number compared to the revenue numbers … Continue reading

RPX IPO On The Schedule

I’ll definitely have more to say about this, but RPX’s IPO is scheduled to take place next week.

Google: The First Lemming Into The Nortel Patent Canyon

A patent cliff refers to a sudden, massive and potentially catastrophic series of patent expirations that negatively affects pharmaceutical companies.  A patent canyon, on the other hand, is something different, albeit similar (in geological terms) to a cliff (don’t bother googling it, I just made up), and it applies to the fabled Nortel portfolio. The … Continue reading

Which Patent Is A Threat To Your Business?

Would you prefer a knife in the back or a punch on the nose? Patent assertions are a competitive business, as a number of very large, well-funded organizations compete for patent ownership all having one goal in mind: profit.  As to one of these organizations, Rick Merrit writes: RPX competes with at least two other … Continue reading

Patent Licensing Firm Acacia Offers Public Equity

From the IAM Blog over the weekend: Acacia Research has announced it is to make five million of its shares available in a public offering designed to raise cash “for its operations and for other general corporate purposes, including, but not limited to, working capital, strategic acquisitions and other transactions”. The move comes as its market … Continue reading

Digitude’s New Patent Monetization Plan – Friend Or Foe To Inventors?

From a press release issued this week, Digitude Innovations (a company funded with a $50 M investment from Altitude Capital Partners) is announcing a “new patent monetization model.”  Billing this as exciting news for inventors and small companies, the press release stated: Digitude will acquire, aggregate, and license key technology areas within the consumer electronics … Continue reading

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