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IP Executives On The Move

  Joff Wild at IAM reported that Peter Holden, formerly of Coller Capital, partnered with IP Value to create a new IP investment fund.  Wild’s reports confirms rumors that surfaced during litigation between Coller and a scorned, would-be patent buyer.  Meanwhile, Eran Zur’s departure from RPX was delayed from August 1st to August 10th according … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Time At Patent Monetization Firms

Spring brought us news of several patent monetization firms cleaning house, sometimes entirely, which is the case of Altitude Capital and the deal it struck between wholly owned Digitude and RPX.  Rumors that Rembrandt IP will soon be shutting its doors continue to swirl, while its former Managing Director Phil Hartstein heads for IP Navigation to … Continue reading

Renewed Interest In Patent Investment Affects RPX Valuation

Joff Wild over at the IAM Blog recently reported an upgrade in RPX’s rating from Barclays Capital from 2-EW to 1-OW, citing “secular sustainable growth” of the IP sector.  Barclays’ briefing paper cites the growth of patent litigation as one of the “key data” supporting its analysis.  While Joff accurately notes that I previously “questioned … Continue reading

RPX’s View Of ‘Rational’ Patent Pricing

RPX published its third quarter results earlier this month, and provided a sneak-peak look into its patent pricing model.  Specifically, CEO John Amester reiterated his statement from the second quarter press conference that a patent pricing ‘bubble’ has yet to materialize, despite above market bids for portfolios like Nortel.  In fact, Amester specifically commented that the … Continue reading

RPX Secondary Offering Seeks Another $60M

RPX Corporation (RPXC) announced pricing of a 3,000,000 share follow-on offering at $20.49 per share.   RPX offers about 1.4 M shares itself with the rest coming from stockholders.  The offering price represents a 15% discount from it’s opening price at $24.10. Trading spiked this morning, landing RPX on Nasdaq’s unusual volume list. Coincidentally, top officials … Continue reading

Patent Owners ‘Fleeing’ RPX Acquisition Model

As I’ve predicted before, patent owners are reportedly “fleeing” RPX in favor of ICAP’s new Covenant Not to Sue (“CNS”) program. RPX may not be dead quite yet, but ICAP has their shovels out, ready to lend a hand digging RPX’s grave. Not even with a free 100-roll pack of toilet paper thrown in does the RPX “wholesale club” pricing model present value to most patent owners, and their main claim to value-add–aggregation–is absolutely prohibited under ICAP’s bidding rules. Continue reading

RPX Issues Second Quarter Results And Comments On The ‘Patent Bubble’

Patent aggregator RPX’s second quarter results showed $38.8 MM in revenue and total equity increasing to $250 MM. According to its earnings forecast, RPX expects to see about $150 MM in total revenue this year. RPX also commented on the Nortel auction and the effects of any reported “patent bubble.” Continue reading

RPX Winning Over Investors One Soul At A Time

RPX claims to be a friend to operating companies, but in reality their interests are more closely aligned with patent lawyers, capitalizing on the consequent confusion, expense and delays of the patent litigation system. Although they may provide liquidity, on balance RPX’s existence may also be detrimental to patent owners, but that’s a separate matter. For its part, the patent aggregator has been effective at convincing investors that it provides operating companies a valuable service. But are investors seeing the light, or merely being bribed convinced in a monetary fashion? A $1.6 MM payout to one VC raises questions, but more on that below. Continue reading

Patent Aggregator RPX Accused Of Extortion, Racketeering & Wire Fraud

On January 24, 2011, two representatives of Kaspersky Lab wrote a letter addressed to the White Collar Crime Division of the FBI, asking the agency to open a criminal investigation into the business activities of RPX. A copy of the letter obtained from a GametimeIP reader, and embedded below, details an alleged conspiracy involving RPX, a pattern of patent litigation and use of mail and electronic communications to solicit membership fees from Kaspersky. Continue reading

The Volatile Business Of Patent Licensing

Very few companies actually specialize in patent licensing, and most of those are privately held and avoid the limelight where-ever possible.  However, there are five companies in the patent licensing space that are publicly traded: Rambus, Acacia, RPX, Virnetx, and Network-1.  Notably, RPX made its big splash earlier this month when it debuted on the … Continue reading

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