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Top 3 IP ‘Bullies’ And How To Handle Them

There’s something about the underdog, whether it’s Rocky Balboa, Rudy, or Bob Kearns, that makes us feel good inside.  Most of us like to see David topple Goliath … What if Kearns, instead of patenting an incremental improvement to a windshield wiper, had patented an incremental improvement to better facilitate e-commerce?  And what if, instead … Continue reading

Gametime IP Report

A Weekly Collection of Notable IP-Related Stories December 1, 2010 (Cross-Posted at GametimeIP.com/gametimeip-report) Patents: Apple Opens Its Wallet To Pursue/Defend Patent Claims Wordlogic CEO Threatens Patents Are “potentially infringed by hundreds of millions of existing product units.” Google To Collaborate With EPO On Patent Translation Priceline Founder Jay Walker Files Fourth Patent Lawsuit In A … Continue reading

Facebook vs. Faceporn

While admittedly being derided as a “trademark bully,” (examples at here and here) I would have to join TacticalIP in agreeing that Facebook’s current move against Faceporn is not necessarily an unjustified move.  Generally, companies not involved in pornography don’t want their brand being associated with it, and with that motivation, Mark Malek sees the … Continue reading

Bullying, Grown up (sort of) …

It’s been a month, so I can forgive everyone for forgetting already the name Tyler Clementi. … Still thinking? Take your time, I”ll wait… I mean, it’s not like the name’s connected to any kind of national scandal/outrage/outcry/story-of-the-century-of-the-week, so don’t feel bad. … Give up? OK. Tyler Clementi was the Rutgers student whose apparently homosexual … Continue reading

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