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Rhetoric vs. Results – A Breakdown of Unified Patents Challenges

Two of my recent IPWire posts have addressed frequent patent challenger Unified Patents, and their self-appointed mission to profit from the destruction of intellectual property. The first post, in June, exposed Unified Patents IPR results and compared them against IPR petitioner’s at large. As it turns out, only about 1/3 of Unified’s IPRs are actually instituted and their petitions are actually affirmatively denied at twice the rate of petitions as a whole. Please check out the post for a full breakdown of the data and methodology used.

The second post, earlier this month, examined what these results mean in light of Unified’s patent rhetoric and notes that they either have a habit of challenging strong, valid patents (contrary to their own mission statement), or they are simply poorly skilled at bringing challenges. Either way, however, the fact is that Unified Patents files weak patent challenges in service of their business model. From the post:

Unified Patents, like the patent owners they deride, also makes no products; its raison d’être is to file IPR petitions in order to obtain a cheap license to intellectual property. Its business practice can be described as IP blockbusting, which is, in reality, far worse than simply not producing a product.

For their part, Unified’s public statements stress the importance of data, repeatedly asking my colleagues questions like:

So, I took it upon myself to send them some data. The data referenced in these two posts, in fact. Their response, thus far?

So there you have it …



One thought on “Rhetoric vs. Results – A Breakdown of Unified Patents Challenges

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