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False Narrative Credibility For Sale?

In the wake of yet another “academic” pushing a false narrative without proper facts, comes a story about Google attempting to influence academic publishing through payments of as much as $400,000 USD per article. These types of stories are typically filled with meaningless platitudes like “There are lots of patents floating around that don’t represent … Continue reading

NPEs Under Fire for Attorney Fees

A few of recent cases of interest to patent owners deal with attorney’s fees under 35 USC § 285. First, Rothschild Connected Devices is notable because the CAFC instructed the trial court to order payment of fees despite the fact that the patent owner withdrew its complaint within the 21-day safe harbor period under Rule … Continue reading

Rhetoric vs. Results – A Breakdown of Unified Patents Challenges

Two of my recent IPWire posts have addressed frequent patent challenger Unified Patents, and their self-appointed mission to profit from the destruction of intellectual property. The first post, in June, exposed Unified Patents IPR results and compared them against IPR petitioner’s at large. As it turns out, only about 1/3 of Unified’s IPRs are actually … Continue reading

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