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Patent Enforcers Anonymous?

Hi, I’m Patrick. <pauses> I find patents that companies infringe and help enforce the patent rights against those companies …

Over at IPWire, I recently posted a very personal story prompted by some very negative comments that were lobbed at me and those in my business. I felt it was time to explain (not that it should matter to anyone) why it is that I do what I do.

Infringers, with their powerful lobbyists, have stacked the deck in their favor, making it ever harder for inventors to enforce their property rights. In many states, large companies commandeer inventions of their employees for compensation that ranges from “nothing” to token payments.  If inventors manage to hang on to their own patents, they can’t enforce them without a lawyer since they won’t be allowed to receive any meaningful discovery.

Thus, inventors are already forced to give up significant percentages, or spend millions in legal fees, simply to enforce their property rights. As infringers lobby Congress and persuade the Supreme Court to increase the difficulty in bringing a successful patent case, the risk is increased further. …

In the end, inventors simply want the credit and justice they deserve for the intellectual property they created. Of course, just as a tortfeasor almost never apologizes and admits their negligence injured someone, a patent infringer will never shake the inventor’s hand at a press conference and proclaim to the world, “We want to thank this person whose invention made our product and business success possible.” Instead, as with the personal injuries, the best you can hope for is an offer of payment that is meaningful, even if less than what is deserved.

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