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Patent Enforcers Anonymous?

Hi, I’m Patrick. <pauses> I find patents that companies infringe and help enforce the patent rights against those companies … Over at IPWire, I recently posted a very personal story prompted by some very negative comments that were lobbed at me and those in my business. I felt it was time to explain (not that it should … Continue reading

Trademarks are “Private” Speech Under Matal v. Tam, and Patents are Private Property

In finding trademark registration to be “private,” rather than “government” speech, the Supreme Court forged a path toward finding Inter Partes Review unconstitutional in the upcoming Oil States case. Specifically, the Court unanimously agreed that the federal trademark registration system is predicated on ancient, historical rights similar to the historical justification of patent rights. Additionally, … Continue reading

Deconstructing the Patent Troll Myth: A Series

Over on IPWire, I’ve posted the first three of what I expect to be a recurring theme deconstructing the patent troll narrative. Part 1 examines the lynchpin of the entire narrative: the popularized denial of property status for patents. This article points to copious academic research incontrovertibly demonstrating that patents always were, and are, intended … Continue reading

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