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Epilogue: Intellectual Ventures’ New Deal With Cypress Semiconductor

Earlier this week, reports of Intellectual Ventures recent license agreement with Cypress Semiconductor surfaced.  Cypress requested confidential treatment in an SEC filing disclosing that the semiconductor maker “agreed to pay a license fee and to purchase certain litigation defense services from IV in the future.”  The filing mentions a related agreement in which “IV is expected to make certain patent purchases from [Cypress] in the near term.”

On its website, Intellectual Ventures explained that the agreement with Cypress “establishes a long-term relationship which allows for further IP transactions and cooperation in the future.”  IV also carried a statement from Cypress’ CFO, touting that the “recently executed agreements will provide both companies with access to an ever-increasing pool of patent assets, which is consistent with our patent strategies.”

Reading between the lines, a possible arrangement may be in the works where Cypress pays below market rates for a global IV license, while offloading patents to an IV-controlled company and potentially participating in generated revenue streams from any resulting licensing programs, similar to the arrangement believed to exist between IV, Micron and Round Rock.



One thought on “Epilogue: Intellectual Ventures’ New Deal With Cypress Semiconductor

  1. Patrick,

    It is my unsubstantiated belief that TJ Rogers, founder of Cypress, has pushed the CATO Institute toward their anti-patent stance. He purports to be a fan of Ayn Rand but seems to diverge with her on the point of whether patents are property rights. Cypress appears to just be another company that benefited from the strong patent laws of the 80s and 90s but doesn’t want that same benefit for today’s startups.

    Posted by dbhalling | May 11, 2012, 9:13 am

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