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Intellectual Ventures Story Picked Up By PatentlyO

Earlier today, PatentlyO re-ran last week’s article Intellectual Ventures Flexes Some Patent Muscle, so please take a visit (link) if you were curious what the story would look like in a maroon color scheme … Advertisements

Microsoft/Samsung License Acacia Patents For Estimated $65 MM

Publicly traded Acacia Research (NASDAQ: ACTG) invests shareholder money into patent assets, playing a key role in the technology creation life-cycle: making sure the original creators of the technology get paid for their work.  Recently, Acacia invested a sizable portion of its cash ($160 MM) into a company called ADAPTIX, garnering a small but potent … Continue reading

Intellectual Ventures Flexes Some Patent Muscle

Intellectual Ventures made a name for itself by (originally) negotiating patent licenses outside of litigation.  However, when those prospects started to run dry, IV launched a warning shot–which later appeared a bit underwhelming for a mass aggregator holding tens of thousands of patents.  This opening blow was followed by a series of targeted rifle shots, … Continue reading

How Much Is The Internet Worth? Another Eolas Post Mortem

It’s over (even though it isn’t).  Eolas lost.  Three more back-to-back trials over liability and damages will not take place.  Unfortunately, the defense lawyers did too good of a job during the validity phase, costing themselves hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars worth of billable time for the three additional back-to-back trials that, … Continue reading

Inventing A Way To Win The West – An American Patent Tale

Kenneth Lustig of Intellectual Ventures recently penned a fantastic essay about the American patent system and its unique place in history.  (See No, The Patent System Is Not Broken).  Today, American-style patent systems are commonplace in the industrialized world, but, explains Lustig “in 1790, [the US] was unique in the world for containing ‘an explicit … Continue reading

Eolas–Beaten But Not Defeated

Few patent owners are more reviled by the tech community than Eolas, the company formed by Michael Doyle, inventor of US Patent 5,838,906. The patent–filed in 1994, and reexamined by the patent office not once, but twice–purportedly reads on technologies like web browsers, that parse and format “hypermedia” documents. Back in 2003, with attorneys from … Continue reading

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