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RPX’s View Of ‘Rational’ Patent Pricing

RPX published its third quarter results earlier this month, and provided a sneak-peak look into its patent pricing model.  Specifically, CEO John Amester reiterated his statement from the second quarter press conference that a patent pricing ‘bubble’ has yet to materialize, despite above market bids for portfolios like Nortel.  In fact, Amester specifically commented that the … Continue reading

ICAP Continues To Struggle For Live Patent Auction Relevance

ICAP concluded its most recent live patent auction last week with underwhelming results.  The auction featured more than 190 total lots, but the vast majority were offered only through ‘sealed’ bids.  According to sources, the live auction concluded with just three completed sales out of 29 lots, with total sales volume well short of $2 … Continue reading

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