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Patent Scholars Debate, But It Is What It Is

Back in September, Professor Mark Lemley began promoting his latest piece of scholarly work, entitled The Myth of the Sole Inventor.  Lemley set out to discover the truth about a theory of patents he apparently considers relatively fundamental. His piece begins: The theory of patent law is based on the idea that a lone genius … Continue reading

The Future Of Patent Licensing In Europe

For the time being, individual countries award patents as legal instruments, protecting property rights through enforcement of that country’s court system.  Efforts to unify the European patent system continue, but the viability of this plan remains uncertain.  In this vein, competition amongst the various patent system remains pertinent. Patents attract increasing investment amounts, and that … Continue reading

Survival Of The ‘Micro-Entity’ IP Licensing Model

The economic value of an IP licensing business model derives fundamentally from the incremental and relative value a particular piece of proprietary technology contributes to a product or market.  In some cases, the technology represents a product in itself, but more often the technology represents a portion or improvement to an existing product.  I refer to … Continue reading

Could Magellan Patents Navigate Delaware Court Toward Restoring Sanity In Patent Enforcement?

Recent changes to US Patent laws (ala H.R. 1249, the America Invents Act) demonstrated an apparent congressional preference for more complexity in industry-wide patent licensing.  As pointed out previously on Gametime IP (See The Patent Lawyer’s ‘Jobs Bill’ May Become Law This Week), patent owners frequently grouped infringers together when resorting to litigation for efficiency, but H.R. … Continue reading

Inventor Of Patented CGI Technique Runs To Court After A Walt Disney Runaround

Joe Alter invented an improved technique for computer generated animation back in 2000, and was awarded US Patent 6,720,962 in 2004. According to Alter’s patent, his invention allows for “creation of a highly stable coordinate system involving guide columns in which Cartesian physical simulations may be carried out and rendered as well as deformed and … Continue reading

The Patent Will Go On … A Re-examination Cautionary Tale

On the surface, re-examination appeared to be a sound strategy. But just as an iceberg carries but 10% of its mass above the surface, this Titanic-esque re-exam strategy lay vulnerable to the unseen mass lurking below. Continue reading

Yes, As A Matter Of Fact, Unauthorized Use Of Patented Technology Is Serious

During Randall Rader’s (Chief Judge of the nation’s patent appeals court) recent Texas visit, he recounted a tale of his visit to Shanghai where he advised his foreign counterparts that “Courts have an obligation to render the same justice to all nationalities!”  Judge Rader claims he was then asked by the President of the Shanghai … Continue reading

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