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Patent Licensing Is The Answer, But What Is The Question?

If mainstream media reports the pulse of its readership, then the average American is terrified by the idea of patent licensing. Of course, they don’t report it this way, but they do talk about scary mystical creatures waiting to jump out and hold entrepreneurs for ransom, using the legal system as their gun.  Even the … Continue reading

Time For Organized Labor To Pay Attention To Patents

Earlier this morning, I received an email containing some fairly disturbing pictures, one of which is reproduced below.  While I have no idea whether these pictures were taken recently, or whether they are an accurate representation of a Chinese manufacturing facility, we don’t really need photographs to tell us that the Chinese (and other foreign … Continue reading

Please, By All Means, Keep Calling East Texas “Plaintiff Friendly” Even When It’s Not True

If you read any contemporary articles, blogs or lawyer commentary about patent litigation, the two phrases “plaintiff-friendly” (or “patent owner friendly”) and “East Texas” are often found close together. I, for one, like this characterization. The urban myth of the “plaintiff friendly” East Texas courts helps convince patent infringers that they should “fear” the court’s results. And if that “fear” means patent owners that are known for using East Texas courts get better results, so be it. However, I am a stickler for facts, and the fact is it just ain’t true. Continue reading

Patent Owners ‘Fleeing’ RPX Acquisition Model

As I’ve predicted before, patent owners are reportedly “fleeing” RPX in favor of ICAP’s new Covenant Not to Sue (“CNS”) program. RPX may not be dead quite yet, but ICAP has their shovels out, ready to lend a hand digging RPX’s grave. Not even with a free 100-roll pack of toilet paper thrown in does the RPX “wholesale club” pricing model present value to most patent owners, and their main claim to value-add–aggregation–is absolutely prohibited under ICAP’s bidding rules. Continue reading

Warning: Patent Analyst Shouts At The Rain

A three member panel of the esteemed Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) have collaborated to imagine that a “computer-readable medium containing program instructions” that causes a computer system to carry out specific steps is somehow a “mental process”.  In the process, the CAFC told would-be inventor John Pettitt that his Patent No. … Continue reading

Where Do They Find These Guys?

While patent attorney Elliot Furman was interviewed about a patent filed in 1998, he uttered the following nonsense: “That is an absolutely ridiculous claim. If this patent was filed today, it would almost certainly be rejected.”  Quite true, Mr. Furman.  Incidentally, if I filed a patent on Mr. Edison’s light bulb, or the Wright Brother’s … Continue reading

Patent-ly Clueless Law Firm Opens Its Mouth, Revealing All Doubt

In a blatant attempt to pander to potential clients known for unashamedly infringing on other’s patent rights, California law firm Wang, Hartmann, Gibbs & Cauley, PC repeatedly drops the “T” bomb (despite claiming to “engage in IP litigation to defend our clients’ IP rights”) and demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of both patent reform and the … Continue reading

Patent Owner With Ties To Intellectual Ventures Sues 100+ Media Companies

Although this news is fairly old at this point, the Intellectual Ventures connection to Mission Abstract Data’s lawsuit against 116 media companies seems to have gone relatively unreported until last week.  That’s when Tom Ewing (who runs an IP consulting firm) left a comment on Joff Wild’s article about NPR’s unflattering portrial of the IP … Continue reading

Another Interesting Use Of The IP Auction Marketplace

ICAP announced an offer a Covenant Not to Sue (CNS) from MOSAID Technologies during a sealed-bid auction on September 27, 2011. The CNS covers U.S. patents 5,650,770, 6,198,390, 6,518,889 and 5,963,130, described as “essential to all cellular telephones which implement the Federal Communications Commission’s E-911 emergency call standard.” The patents have been on an interesting … Continue reading

RPX Issues Second Quarter Results And Comments On The ‘Patent Bubble’

Patent aggregator RPX’s second quarter results showed $38.8 MM in revenue and total equity increasing to $250 MM. According to its earnings forecast, RPX expects to see about $150 MM in total revenue this year. RPX also commented on the Nortel auction and the effects of any reported “patent bubble.” Continue reading

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