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America Invents Act Could Go To House Floor Today – UPDATED

The Manager’s Amendment, and 40 other amendments could be voted on today. Among the amendments, a notable one backed by Congressmen Conyers (MI), Sensenbrenner (WI) and Mazullo (IL) would strike everything except for Sections 22 and 31 relating to patent office funding. UPDATE: The same congressmen, joined also by Kaptur (OH) have sent a letter quoting from Constitutional scholar Jonathon Massey, and the WARF Managing Director outlining a number of reasons to oppose HR 1249.



One thought on “America Invents Act Could Go To House Floor Today – UPDATED

  1. The irony is that much of patent law that exists today makes it merely impossible for the classical inventor to exist anymore. Come up with some invention and you better have a good lawyer because chances are someone else has also come up with an idea similar. Here lies the rub in patent law is that very few ideas are original and many are derivatives of existing ideas. Ideas themselves are not supposed to be patentable but only specific applications of the idea but increasingly “Ideas” alone are now being claimed as IP and being brought to court via lawsuits. This particularly is devastating the tech sector where almost everyone is suing everyone else. Were patents were meant to foster creativity they are now becoming a great impediment to it. Our patent laws are hopelessly broken and need fixing or the next Thomas Eddison will be sued into oblivion.

    Posted by Ken Bingham | June 18, 2011, 10:18 pm

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