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More Intellectual Ventures News: Whistle Blower Names Names, And Reaction To Round Rock Connection

Cassius Elston, Jr., former Director of Acquisitions (and later consultant) accuses Intellectual Ventures Management of unethical behavior in a revealing court-filing complete with name-dropping of several high profile companies apparently interested in selling patents to IV. Continue reading


Did Intellectual Ventures Drive Micron To Privateer Patent Enforcement?

The official story notwithstanding, the real architect of the Micron-to-Round Rock patent sale may actually have been none other than Intellectual Ventures. Consider the facts that the amount received by Micron for the patents, and the amount Micron paid for a license to IV patents were each small enough to escape SEC reporting obligations. This alone suggests that both parties were cooperating for mutual advantage, which included influencing John Desmarais to leave Kirkland to form his own practice, simultaneously freeing him up to represent Intellectual Ventures. Further, the source of Round Rock’s funding has been shrouded in secrecy, but traceable to Intellectual Ventures. The benefits to Micron are obvious. Shifting 20% of its patents to a private party gives Intellectual Ventures the possibility of generating for more revenue that Micron would have been willing to pay in cash, arms privateers with resources to pursue Micron’s competition and eliminates the significant maintenance cost associated with the patents. Continue reading

China Technology Exchange Offers Monetization Opportunity For US And European Patent Owners

Last week’s IPBC featured a break-out session called “Lift-off in China” to talk about the country’s recent focus on innovation and IP as a growth strategy for future prosperity.  The panel featured, among others, Zeng Yun, Deputy Director of IP transactions at the China Technology Exchange. CTEX is a subsidiary of the China Beijing Equity … Continue reading

Mandatory Viewing For Anyone Interested In Patent Monetization

Think of it as the anti-Sally Fields phenomenon. They hate you. They really, really hate you. If you dare to purchase an asset that essentially constitutes nothing more than the right to exclude someone from doing something, you’ll be vilified by others the moment you deploy that asset in an attempt to *gasp* exclude someone … Continue reading

Three Copyright Assets Available For Purchase From Gametime IP

After careful consideration, I have decided to part with the rights to three different Gametime IP articles.  While I am offering these as three separate lots, interested parties may inquire about purchasing all three together.  The lots are as follows: Lot 1: Righthaven Business Model Exposed – End Of An Era, Or Spawning Of A … Continue reading

An Insulting Proposed “Compromise” To Patent Office Funding Amendment

Imagine this scenario: every morning as you leave your house, the same person accosts you, punches you in the nose and takes $10 from your wallet. Eventually, you get in touch with someone in charge of regulating such boorish behavior and you convince regulators to draft a decree stating that your perpetrator shall no longer … Continue reading

Round Rock’s John Desmarais Admits Every Great Idea He Had Was Actually Someone Else’s

Joff Wild has already thoroughly covered this story (See: It was Micron’s idea to create an NPE to monetise its patents, Round Rock founder reveals), but I just wanted to confirm (as if there was any doubt) that I too was in the room, and I heard exactly what Wild heard.  Specifically, it was toward the … Continue reading

Will PTO Support Patent Reform Without Funding?

Earlier today, I asked deputy PTO director Teresa Stanek-Rea about what effect a rumored compromise to strip the fee diversion portions of patent reform would have on the patent office’s support for the legislation. She wasn’t able to tell me whether the Commerce Department or Obama administration was prepared to take a position on the … Continue reading

IP Business Executives Meet in San Francisco While Congress Raids Patent Office Funds

The IP Business Congress kicked off officially with a discussion titled IP 2015, which will examine what the IP landscape might look like in, not surprisingly, four years time. Read below for a brief synopsis of the comments from various members of the panel, including Eric Schulman of Google, Teresa Stanek-Rea of the USPTO, Paul … Continue reading

Patent Owner Vindicated As Winston Drives Hyundai Off A Cliff

Just this afternoon, a Tyler, Texas jury decided that four different claims of US Patent 7,606,739 were infringed by Hyundai, and none of the claims were proven invalid by clear and convincing evidence.  The jury awarded damages to patent owner Clear With Computers in excess of $11.5 MM.  Marc Fenster of Russ August & Kabat, … Continue reading

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