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RPX IPO On The Schedule

I’ll definitely have more to say about this, but RPX’s IPO is scheduled to take place next week. Advertisements

Keith Aoki

I was saddened to hear the news about IP Professor Keith Aoki’s passing today. I met him only once, but he was very warm, friendly and engaging.

HTC Quietly Dismissed From Round Rock Patent Litigation

Joff over at the IAM Blog pointed out that HTC and Round Rock entered into a stipulated dismissal of the latter’s patent infringement lawsuit more than two weeks ago. Earlier this month documents were issued by a Delaware court dismissing a case Round Rock had brought against Taiwanese company HTC. Round Rock had originally initiated … Continue reading

The Anti-IP Entitlement Mentality

Most Facebook users suffer from low self-esteem, according to a study published last year.  Facebook is so pervasive (accounting for roughly a quarter of all internet users), that one has to wonder whether the Facebook study is representative of human nature across the board.  Chances are, someone with low self-esteem isn’t likely to consider him … Continue reading

Questionable Strategy Employed Against Microsoft Patent Assertion

Microsoft’s recent round of patent assertions has been viewed as a proxy battle against Google, due in large part to Microsoft’s focus on the Android operating system.  (For background, see Google: Battlefield Opponent Or Sitting Duck? Android Patent Assault Continues).  The current assertion against Barnes & Noble is no exception. Further, IP weaknesses in the Android … Continue reading

Amazon Subscription Purchasing System Accused Of Infringing Walker Digital Patent

Amazon.com’s “Subscribe and Save” program is the subject of a federal lawsuit filed today by research firm Walker Digital.  The patent at issue is US Patent No. 5,970,470 generally related to sales methods.  According to the complaint, Amazon infringes at least two of the 115 claims that cover the various sales methods covered by the … Continue reading

So Let Me Get This Straight … (Thoughts On Google’s Latest Patent Lawsuit)

Imagine the following scenario.  You walk past a large, open tract of land and you see a couple of apartment complexes and office buildings sitting on it.  At a glance, you can immediately tell that they’re at near capacity, and the landlords are obviously doing quite well.  You start negotiating with one of the building … Continue reading

Google Sued Over Daily Deal Business Venture

Google‘s interest in the “daily deal” business was demonstrated by their $6 Billion dollar offer to acquire Groupon (leading to a ridiculously overrated valuation of the latter’s patent portfolio).  Of course, Groupon spurned this offer, opting for an IPO instead.  Undaunted, Google entered the daily deal business on its own, through a service offering called … Continue reading

History Repeating Itself? Jay Walker’s Patent Licensing Efforts Reminiscent Of Another Legendary Inventor

Last week, I issued the following challenge: Walker Digital was at the forefront of the most aggressive patent assertion effort ever to be attempted.  (That’s not hyperbole. I challenge anyone to find an instance where a patent owner asserted more patents against more companies in a comparable period of time). via Does The New Patent … Continue reading

TiVo Mindwarp: Court Renders Permanent Injunctions Worthless In Key Patent Ruling

Apparently, years of litigation and a consistent track record of demonstrating a valid, infringed patent are just not enough to actually be awarded your constitutionally guaranteed right to exclude.  TiVo sued Echostar over DVR technology back in 2004 (US Patent 6,233,389).  TiVo won. Bigtime. They won about $74 Million in lost profits and reasonable royalties. … Continue reading

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